Janelle Brown: Road Trips and Other Terrifying Events


01-janelle-weight-loss-blogJanelle Brown of Sister Wives is Kody's second wife. Follow along on her journey forward to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Recently we had to make a quick trip out of town that necessitated throwing the kids in the car and hitting the road for four long days of driving punctuated by a couple of family gatherings.  And I need to say that road trips can be an emotional eater’s own personal hell.

Boredom, addictions and fatigue wreak havoc on your conscious attempts to gauge true hunger. And, while I have in the past packed my car with a cooler full of healthy options such as pre-cut veggies -- both for the sake of feeding the kids traveling with me without breaking the bank and to stock some healthier options for myself -- I did not have that opportunity this time.  I was soon reminded that purchasing convenience veggie-and-dip-type snacks at gas stations is very expensive.

If I had ever mastered eating sunflower seeds while driving I may have been better off.  But the acrobatics that your tongue is required to do removing that tiny seed from the fibrous hull seemed to be beyond my pay grade.  So I was left with miles and miles of the only option being chewing gum.

The miles progressed and my jaw grew tired of chewing gum.  I kept looking expectantly for hunger signals, but no activity equals no hunger.  So I resorted to at least keeping to four-hour intervals between meals.  At the end of the trip, though, as I grew more and more punchy, all of my food discipline went out the window.  Not really overeating, but definitely no longer caring about the composition of my meals.  Overall the trip probably earned me a C- for healthy eating.  Road trip food remains a huge scary wasteland for me.  I’ll definitely need a better plan the next time I have to get in the car for a long trip.

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