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Janelle Brown of Sister Wives is Kody's second wife. Follow along on her journey forward to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

06-janelle-weight-loss-blogI dread today. Today is weigh-in day. I have been anxious and neurotic about it since last night. I used to like weigh-in day, but not so much anymore. You see, the scale has been stuck for a couple of months. Yes, a couple of months, not weeks. I am not eating perfectly, but I am within my nutritional guidelines 95 percent of the time. I am working out four or more times a week, I am drinking my water and still nothing. I keep bouncing back and forth within a 2-pound range. It doesn’t seem to really matter to me that in this past few months I have lost more inches than all the other months combined. It doesn’t matter that I am stronger and my endurance has markedly increased. I am still brought to my proverbial knees when I step on that scale and nothing has happened. Why have I allowed my identity to be so tied to that flashing number?

Up until now, I have tried to keep my boring, personal statistics out of my ramblings. Who wants to read that? But Sean, my fitness mentor, has been nagging me to make a log of all of my achievements. He keeps telling me to trust the process. So, today I am sharing a few of them. Not as a way of bragging, because some are very personal and will illustrate just how out of shape I was. I also risk that many of them will seem like laughable achievements to someone in better shape than me. But I am hoping that if you are stuck like I am, this exercise will help us all see that progress towards changing our lives is more than a flashing number.

  1. I am able to sprint for the first time since elementary school.
  2. The pants I bought a few months ago are now almost too big, even though I haven’t lost weight.
  3. I walk down the stairs completely upright now. Not bent over carefully watching my steps like I used to when my body was out of alignment due to non-existent core strength.
  4. I can carry a full basket of laundry up the stairs without getting short of breath. Instead, I notice that my legs are strong enough to lift me up each step.
  5. I can deep clean my house, including the cursed job of wiping the baseboards and vacuuming stairs, without completely wearing myself out physically.
  6. I can skip a stair going up the stairs. I haven’t been strong enough to do more than one stair at a time for many, many years.

I hope that everyone, regardless of if they are stuck or not, will join me this week in making a list of the very subtle changes that have come about since they started their journey; changes other than weight loss. Let’s take the challenge to make it about more than that flashing number on the scale.

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