Janelle Brown: Don't Diet, Live It


Janelle Brown of Sister Wives is Kody's second wife. Follow along on her journey forward to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

01-janelle-weight-loss-blogAn acquaintance of mine, Curtis Aguiar, is fond of saying “people need to live it, not diet.” I think he may be onto something. With the New Year, I (like everyone else) am committing to cleaning up my diet after the indiscretions of the holiday season. But this year there is a different thought in my mind: What if I trusted myself to adapt to each meal as it is presented -- to make good choices regardless of what is being served, to take half the bun off the burger, but still eat the burger. That type of thing.

I have to admit I am tired of pouring over diet book after diet book. My usual cycle goes something like this: I hear of a diet that is getting great success, I download the book, skip the part that talks about the science, because honestly I’ve already learned this from so many other diet books, and just go right to the eating plan and grocery list. Then, finally, depending on how much of a departure from my normal eating the menu plan is, I make a big stock-up trip to the grocery store. The problem comes when the next part of this cycle has a menu that is too foreign from my normal habits and kid-approved dinners. So, kid-approved dinners win out and much of the unusual food either spoils (if it’s produce, especially), or sits abandoned in my cupboard.

I want to declare my independence from the time-sucking job of planning my every meal. In a way, it is easy to sabotage myself as I am tracking my calories every day. Being accountable on a whole day basis versus a meal-by-meal basis allows me a lot of wiggle room to let my sugar and other addictions go to work. After all, I can allow myself the indiscretion of a donut from the gas station on the way to a morning appointment if I plan to adjust my calories in the evening. The thing is, I am hungry at night and never really do make that adjustment.

What if I held myself accountable at every meal and every snack? What if I had to opt each time for the best nutrition, passing up the things that I knew did not work for my body, and regulate my portion size? What if I fundamentally had to start with “am I really hungry?” Would I free myself from the constant obsession, time drain and budget hit that a diet usually means for me? Could I begin to “live-it”?

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