Janelle Brown: A Workout Fairytale


Janelle Brown of Sister Wives is Kody's second wife. Follow along on her journey forward to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

05-janelle-weight-loss-blogI want to do something a little different this week. I hope you won’t mind me sharing a little fairytale with you.

The Tale of Princess Janelle

Once upon a time, there lived a princess named Janelle. This princess believed that if she worked out really hard for six months that all would be right with her kingdom and life would be easy and good. She would be in great shape and go on to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

But as with many fairytales – there was a catch. Six months came and went, and even though the Princess worked very hard and sweat a great deal, she had not reached the end of her journey. In fact, even though she had made much progress, she discovered she was truly still at the beginning. And often it was the case that some days the journey seemed harder than when she started.

As Princess Janelle moved along her path, she would often encounter dragons. These dragons looked like the “next level” and they were scary and fierce. After triumphing over a few of these beasts, she discovered she had the tools to rescue herself even though the task was very hard sometimes. Soon the princess began to see the truth of the matter. The journey was actually for a lifetime.

As her quest continued, she did begin to grow wise. She discovered that even though there were many days she did not want to pick up her sword again, days that she did not want to leave the castle even though she knew she must, the reward was always worth it. Prosperity in the form of health and strength began to return to her kingdom. She began to trust herself and her worth more and more as she repeatedly had to rely on herself to be her own rescuer. She had many trusted advisors along the way, but even they reminded her she must do this for herself only. No one else’s voice could matter as much as hers.

You might be chuckling or maybe even scratching your head at my story, but I wanted to share my fairytale as a way to communicate an epiphany I had. It was a fairytale to think that a 90-day push or even a six-month push -- if I worked really, really hard -- would be all that I needed to make my life complete. Instead, the work is still hard and the process of becoming healthy isn’t limited by time in months or even marked by achieving a certain level of fitness. Those are real measurable benchmarks, but it’s an ongoing process, a lifetime endeavor. Find your own happy ending as you observe the changes in yourself and your quality of life and continue to slay your own dragons!

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