Gold Rush Drama Heads to Discovery in 2014 with Epic Mini-Series Klondike


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The best stories are always the real ones. Stories of adventure, courage, adversity and maybe the
promise of an incredible windfall are the ones that keep us rooting for heroes and underdogs to find their fortune. That’s why Discovery Channel has painstakingly recreated a real frontier gold rush town and amassed an all-star cast including, Richard Madden of Game of Thrones fame and Abbie Cornish star of such films as Bright Star and Limitless, to tell the dramatic stories of the frontier spirit and mad rush for gold in the Klondike.

In the late 1800’s people from every walk of life converged on the Klondike, turning the town of Dawson (population 400) into a seething sea of humanity of some 30,000 people almost overnight. All these adventurers were focused on one thing: striking it rich. Whether it was finding the gold that was turning up in the rocky hills, or setting up businesses that supported the miners, everyone had that burning drive to succeed at all costs.

A portrait of these characters is captured in the book Gold Diggers: Striking it Rich in the Klondike by Charlotte Gray. Through letters, photos, newspaper clippings and oral histories, she tells the stories of a diverse crew of people – from gold diggers to newspaper men – and even one intrepid woman who became one of the most prominent business people in the territory.

To recreate the dramatic stories of the larger than-life characters inspired by Gray’s fortune hunters,
Discovery Channel has called upon a range of incredible talent. Richard Madden, well known for his role as the ever honorable Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, takes on the role of adventurer Bill Haskell. Abbie Cornish plays the wily, young Belinda Mulrooney who made a mint by providing goods and services to the ill-equipped miners. Veteran actors such as Sam Shepard and Tim Roth have also signed on to play pivotal roles.

Bringing it all together is Executive Producer Ridley Scott and veteran director Simon Cellan Jones,
with such acclaimed mini-series as Boardwalk Empire, Treme and The Borgias under his belt. He’ll bring together the epic drama of gold rush stories, top-tier actors, and a fully recreated frontier town in Alberta, Canada to create Discovery Channel’s first scripted series.

The grit, cold, and almost unbelievable stories of determination, greed, and hardship will almost leap off the screen and that’s exactly what Discovery Channel has in mind. Knowing that no stories are more engaging than the ones that spare nothing to tell real histories in real locations, Discovery Channel is thrilled to tell this dramatic tale.

Will the adventurers find the fortunes they seek? Check for more on Discovery Channel’s six part mini-series Klondike coming in 2014. Follow the production on Klondike's Facebook page and on Twitter @KlondikeTV, and get inspired by Charlotte Gray's stories in Gold Diggers: Striking it Rich in the Klondike.    

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