Behind-the-Scenes on the Dual Survival Twin Peaks Shoot


DID YOU KNOW: Dual Survival's Twin Peaks episode was the first episode Cody and Joe shot together for Season Three.

Watch the video below to get the inside scoop about life on set during the first shoot, and keep reading to hear more about the show from Cody, Joe and Executive Producer French Horwitz.

Executive Producer French Horwitz tells what it was like when the cameras started rolling on day one.


French Horwitz asked for the first shoot to take place in the most extreme place anybody could think of. So, they ended up in Nicaragua on an island with two giant volcanoes. There aren’t too many places like that on the earth.


Shooting an episode of Dual Survival isn’t just challenging for Cody and Joe – the crew has to survive the habitats and terrain alongside them, with cameras and equipment in tow.

Cody: The show should frankly be about them. You know? Because they’re doing all the same stuff we are with a 45 pound box on their shoulder that they have to operate. They’re not just carrying a pack – they have to function with this complex machine on their shoulder. They’re amazing guys.

French: I think the crew themselves – these guys are tough. You can’t do this job if you’re not in good shape. It’s not a good idea to get out there if you’re not physically fit. Mentally fit. Because it’s tough work and you will collapse holding a heavy camera.


FUN FACT: One of Cody’s greatest fears is falling. Here’s how he explains it:

Cody: I don’t like falling off of things. As an example: Season One, New Zealand, when I had to rappel for the first time – that was horrifying. To look down at a very long drop that would have killed you or look down over a crevasse on a glacier and not see the bottom – to then have to go over that was very very challenging for me.

One of my things is that I don’t like the feeling of falling. And that’s what repelling feels like. You’re trusting a piece of rope with your life, and you have to trust, and you have to lean backwards. You can’t climb down the rock. You have to lean all your body weight on this one piece of gear and trust everything is going to work out. That’s a tall order for me.

What was going on in Cody’s head during the repelling scene in Twin Peaks?

Cody: “Look man, have you got that f***ing vine or not?”

I’d never met Joe before except during our chemistry test. That was the first time we’d dialed in with each other. And it wasn’t a rope – it was a vine. I could have become injured because I was in a splint for the scenario, so I didn’t have any mobility, plus I weigh 224 pounds.

We made it work. But, again, I had to go back and realize what Joe’s background really was. He didn’t just have a YouTube channel and make videos in his backyard. He was in combat many times. He had done rapelling. He had done a lot of rope work. He had done a lot of this stuff training for his missions. That tends to build a lot of trust in someone like myself, and so it worked out.


Cody uses leafcutter ants to stitch up Joe's open wound. Hours later, executive producer French Horowitz catches up with Joe to test it's durability.


French: Yeah. In Twin Peaks, you see Joe climbing down the side of a cliff. Even though he’s an expert climber, you can’t be prepared for every scenario. He slips and he falls and luckily he’s so good that he catches himself before something bad happens.

But sure, things go wrong. In a situation where it’s super hot or super cold out, cameras fail, people have to take breaks, sit down and relax so they don’t overheat. It’s a tough place to work and things do go wrong.

FUN FACT: French has a knack for falling over on every shoot. In his own words:

French: I don’t know what it is about me, but I think I become so focused on what I’m shooting or what I’m watching, trying to make sure everything is perfect, that I tend to forget that I’m standing on the side of a mountain or that there are snakes around me, or whatever it is. I just sort of lose track of my surroundings because I’m so focused and 9 times out of 10 on a shoot I will fall and make the entire crew laugh hysterically at me. So, I’m happy to provide that service to the crew. I should probably be a little more careful when it comes to my safety…


French: Joe built a trap to catch a rodent-like creature. It was a really interesting trick where he used a piece of bamboo. The bamboo snared tight and shut the animal into the trap. Cody and Joe decided that they were going to cook it on a campfire. They were cooking it and getting it nice and grilled. I kept thinking that at some point I wanted to see what this thing tasted like, but the crew kept shooting and shooting and shooting. Before I knew it there was nothing left but bone, so, I never got to taste it. Turned out the next day everybody was sick. Now, it could just be because they didn’t feel well, but it could’ve been that thing made them sick. I don’t really know. I guess the good news was I didn’t get sick.

Joe Teti and French Horwitz, just after Joe caught the rodent.

Joe Teti, French Horwitz, Cody Lundin, just after Cody and Joe finished eating the rodent.

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