An Inside Look at the New Season of Yukon Men


Tune in to Season Two of Yukon Men, premiering Friday, February 22 at 10|9c!

Just 60 miles from the Arctic Circle is a town on the edge of civilization: Tanana, Alaska. This frozen village of 200 people is part of an unknown America where men hunt and trap to survive. Each changing season brings new struggles, new threats and new dangers.

Season Two brings new challenges and even greater fights for survival as the people of Tanana prepare for the oncoming winter. Executive Producer French Horwitz sheds some light on what we can expect from Season Two below.

How is the new season different from Season One?

FH: One thing we tried in Season Two was to get a little deeper into the characters and learn more about their motivations. Why do they live here? Why do they love this place? What do they think of outsiders?

Plus, I think the other really interesting part is, it just so happened that Pat Moore was looking for a new dog handler and hired one who was from the lower 48, from North Carolina. In Season Two, we will truly show everyone out there how hard it is to survive in this terrain. How hard it is to adapt and just to make it through the day.

How have the kids in Yukon Men changed since Season One?

FH: We’ve seen Joey go from living in his father’s house to having his own cabin. That’s a massive responsibility in a town like this. You just can’t go leave and party for six months and then come back – your house would be destroyed. There’s so much riding on their everyday life that, yes they screw up like any other kids sometimes, but they have a much deeper responsibility than most of us have.

How has the town reacted to being filmed?

FH: I think at the beginning the town was a little nervous about having their lifestyle exposed on the big screen. But I think they have come to really appreciate it and now even celebrate the show.

In fact, Stan Zuray told me that every Friday night when the show is on, many people in Tanana get together and watch it and they love it, they absolutely love it.

That’s a credit to the production company, to the crew, and to the characters themselves for just really being honest with the American public. This is what life is like, this is how you live, we’re proud people. And I think it comes across on the show. That to me is a victory.

Why should people watch Yukon Men Season Two?

FH: I think for folks who like survival shows, this is real survival within a real town in America – one of the most remote places in America. These people live with danger every single day. I think it’s a slice of America that is almost 99% gone from our daily lives – very few of us live as free as these folks do, but also have to do so much just to survive. It’s the kind of place I think we can celebrate.

Want to chat with Yukon Men’s EP French Horwitz? He’ll be live tweeting during the season premiere from @frenchhorwitz!

Don’t forget to tune in to Season Two of Yukon Men, premiering Friday, February 22 at 10|9c after Gold Rush Live!

While you wait for the season to begin, here’s another sneak peek from the premiere:

Stan and Joey Zuray prepare a fish raft to transport food to feed their dogs through the winter.
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