December 2012

Introducing Cody Lundin’s New Partner on Dual Survival: Joseph Teti


Dual Survival’s Cody Lundin has a brand new partner for Season Three. Joseph Teti is a US Special Operations veteran who is taking Dual Survival to a whole new level. As Cody put it, “Season Three is Dual Survival as it was meant to be.”

Before the season begins on January 1st, we want to give you a chance to get to know Joe better. We sat down with Cody, Joe, and executive producer French Horwitz to learn more about Dual Survival’s newest member.

Check out what they had to say below!

Want to know how Joseph Teti landed the role? Here’s the story, from French, Cody and Joe’s points of view:

French: It’s a tough process. We looked all over the United States and actually all over the world to try to find somebody with his experience who was good on television – it’s a very difficult thing to find. We were looking for a guy who had an incredible military background, who’d been in various dangerous situations, who had to rely on his skills and wit to survive.

We looked at easily over 100 people with these basic qualifications, narrowed it down to a half a dozen to try to see who would be the best fit with Cody. It took about 6-8 months, but we finally found Joe.

During the chemistry test that you see in Unbraided, within thirty seconds of Cody and Joe walking and talking and doing their thing, I knew that Joe was the right guy. I said to the show runner, “He’s the guy. We’re done. Let’s go drink beers.” I was so sure he was the one we’d go with.

Cody: Joe was I think one of five people that came to Arizona for the chemistry test – in my home state, on my turf. I remember meeting him, of course, and he was very respectful and polite and funny. And he really seemed to care – and I mean that in a good way. There wasn’t any pretentiousness. It was like he could take it or leave. You come into an area of business deal relationships or whatever it is – and you have an “I’ll win with this if I get it, and I’ll win with this if I don’t” – that it makes for a more authentic experience. I think that’s where he was at.

Joe: Well, when I met Cody, I think we clicked right from the get go. When I first met him I was pretty comfortable around him and he seemed pretty comfortable around me. It just seemed like we flowed really well together. He has a very funny sense of humor and I have a very unique sense of humor as well. I think that plays a lot into it because you have to have a good sense of humor in a survival situation.


Now, let’s get to know Joe a little better…

Why did you decide to change pace and join Dual Survival?

Joe: I had come to a point in my life where I was able to look in the mirror and know that I’ve done everything I could do in respect to serving my country. There’s obviously more I can do and I want to do, but I wanted to change gears, so to speak, and do something different. And I really didn’t know what it was going to be and then all of a sudden, Dual Survival popped up. It was really fortuitous.

Could you give me some background on your life pre-Dual Survival?

Joe: I have a military and government special operations background. I’ve served in three special operations units. I’m a former force recon marine, army special forces Green Beret, and I am a former operator in a highly classified government counter-terrorist unit. For more, check out Joe’s full bio.

In general, do you prefer a team environment or working solo?

Joe: I’ve always worked in a team environment. I have also done things by myself in special operations. But in a team environment, you always have that other person there, not only for moral support, but also to get things done. You can divvy up the tasks much more easily. And when there are two people, or three or four, the strength of the team is on your side.

Is there anything in particular you’d like viewers to know about you that they might not learn from the show?

Joe: A lot of people that meet me or see me or hear about my background, they automatically assume that I was some sort of tremendous athlete in high school or college. Fact of the matter is, I was neither. I was literally the 99-pound weakling in high school, which is really odd, because the norm is, most guys with my background in special operations – whether you’re army special forces or a seal or a force recon or whatever – normally those guys are extremely athletic in high school or in college. I wasn’t one of them.

I’ll be honest with you – I was never an athletic kid, but there is one thing that I was always – I was always confident and comfortable in the woods. Even alone at night as an eight or nine year old kid, I loved being in the woods and operating at night, playing in the woods at night. Which is really strange. But that actually paid off big dividends for me.

It doesn’t surprise me that I did well in special operations. I think from a very early age I was training myself and didn’t even know it.


What about Cody and Joe’s relationship as a team? Here’s what they had to say when asked about building their trust with each other and working together to survive:

Cody: Trust is developed through experience. The bottom line is, when you’re around someone for a period of time, and they seem to walk their talk repeatedly – not just with you, but with other people – then that builds trust. And that’s what I’ve seen with Joe.

He came in with an honest background. He was willing to show it and prove it to me. We’re still building trust, and that’s natural and normal, because no one is going to trust someone 100% after a few months of hanging out on a TV set. But we do need to have a certain level of trust because of what we’re doing, because we are in some dangerous situations. And we do have that. And part of the reason again that we have that is not just because I found Joe to be authentic, but also because I know the experience he has.

He wouldn’t be in his situation unless he’d gone through the ringer – not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and morally. In his line of work, they put you through a battery of tests – you’re dealing with national security. So really, the US government has done a lot of stuff for me in a way, because when they picked him to do his line of work, they ran him through all sorts of tests to see if he could be trusted or not.

Joe: Trust is earned, it’s not given. I think anything you do in life when it comes to trust, whether it’s a relationship or in business or in special operations or in survival situations, trust is something that is earned. It’s something you have to work at, and Cody and I, we’ve done ten episodes now, and I can tell you, from episode one to episode ten, we have built a lot of trust and respect for each other. That’s for sure.

What’s it like working with Joe out in the field?

Cody: He’s good. He’s intense. He’s intense because he should be from his past line of work. But he’s very very fit. There’s very little drama in the field regarding him being in the field because he’s been outside a lot in his past work. We get along well. I mean, there’s definitely conflict, which there’s always going to be, because I have my way of doing things and he has his way of doing things, but at the end of the day, I think we understand that the other person does have a lot of experience in their fortes.

We bend where we need to bend based on who seems to have the most experience in the past for whatever issue is at hand. That’s unusual, because he really does have 20+ years of experience and I really do have 20+ years experience in my profession.

In my opinion, this is how Dual Survival was supposed to be. It was always supposed to be a special forces military guy and a person like me that taught outdoor survival skills. So now, we’re finally getting to a true modus operandi of what this show is all about.


What are Joe’s hopes for the show?

Joe: I have two primary goals for Dual Survival.

1)     One is to demonstrate techniques to people that, if they were ever caught in a survival situation, may save their life. I don’t want to be the guy who’s taking extra risks just for the sake of a TV show. I want to show real techniques and procedures and how to think your way out of a survival situation.

2)     My other goal is to represent the special operations community as a whole in a very good light. I want people to see what a real special operations guy is all about. We’re not necessarily the people you see on TV. I personally don’t like the way actors or non-special operations personnel represent my community. I don’t feel that it’s represented in a good light and I want to show people what a real special operations guy is really like.


French Horwitz’ final word on Joe: Joe Teti is one of the toughest badasses I’ve ever met.

While you wait for the season premiere and Joseph Teti’s TV debut on Tuesday, January 1 at 9/8c, check out a behind-the-scenes clip showing you everything you have to look forward to in the coming season!

Also, catch French Horwitz live-tweeting on Tuesday night during the premiere @frenchhorwitz.

Dual Survival's Cody and Joe Explain How to Survive Real Apocalypse Scenarios


Want to know how YOU can prepare for and survive in a real doomsday scenario? We sat down with Dual Survival’s Cody Lundin and Joseph Teti to get their takes on how to survive end-of-the-world scenarios that could all too easily become reality.

Though the world is still standing today, as the Mayan calendar comes to an end, Cody and Joe’s advice is useful on any day, at any time, when the going gets tough and you find yourself in a scenario where you’re fighting for your life.

Is there any way to prepare for what you envision as an apocalyptic scenario?

Cody’s Take: Survival situations happen typically because something happened that went wrong. So, if you’re looking at a shift in a global nation, about getting an entire nation into a survival situation, that doesn’t happen overnight. That happens over decades of policies that don’t support self-reliance.

You’ve got to think about what makes a human being tick. We need fresh air, we need water, we need food, we need to thermoregulate our environment, so you don’t have to go live in the woods in a passive solar earth home and catch rain and compost your own crap like I do. You can make little baby steps and just try and grow some of your own vegetables to start with. Or maybe try to gutter the rain from your roof to collect that rain to water a fruit tree you might plant in the backyard. All these little steps go toward 1) making a healthier family and 2) creating a greater sustainability and self-respect and confidence that a family has – that they can do stuff on their own.

Joe’s Take: Sure, let’s be clear. We are talking about taking control of your own destiny: whether you live or die. Right now most of us live with the false belief that someone – specifically the government – will always be there to provide our food, water and shelter. That’s just not the case.

You have got to take control of your own destiny.

With that, there are several steps:

1) You’ve got to start thinking like a survivor. A lot of people don’t have a survivor mindset. You’ve got to break down your needs into three main things: food, water and shelter. Think about this: in an extended survival scenario, say six months to a year, how would you provide for each of those things? Y’know? How would you do that? So that goes to step two…

2) You’ve got to train your mind. You’ve got to train your body. You’ve got to train your family. You don’t want to read and study and gain knowledge about how to survive on your own and not try any of those things out before when the ship is sinking. You need to know how to do this stuff prior to, which takes a little bit of practice. The fact is, we aren’t training for a standard survival scenario. What do you do when your boat is sinking? Well, you can practice very specific steps and actions for that. We don’t know what will be in short supply, what will happen, what we won’t be able to get. Will you be able to get water? Will you be able to get gas? Will you have electricity? Those are things you really won’t know until it happens. Will it be bad enough that looters go around? Will you be able to protect your family? That may sound like a far-fetched thing, but just go back and review what happened during Katrina – ALL of those things happened. And that was a natural disaster. Imagine if a terrorist attack hit a major city, whether it be a dirty bomb or a weapon of mass destruction. You’re going to have wide-spread panic. A lot of people just simple are not going to survive that.

3) Have a plan. HAVE A PLAN. If you don’t have one when the crap hits the fan, it’s too late to make one. You’re already behind the power curve.

We know Cody is self-reliant, but is Dual Survival’s new guy Joe prepared for a disaster scenario? He told me he’s been prepared for years. Here’s an example he gave:

Joe: In my truck, I have a very simple CB radio. Why do I have that? Because truckers will know what roads and highways are open or closed. And why is that important? Because if you’re trying to get out of an area that’s just been irradiated or had some kind of disaster, you want to get out of that area as fast as you can. So, you can talk to truckers and say, “Hey, is highway 77 open man?” – “No, there’s bumper to bumper traffic. Get on highway 36” – and you’re gone. You see what I mean? Just something as simple as a CB radio can save your life.

But how can people who aren’t trained survivalists keep their calm under pressure? What can they do to ensure their survival?

Cody’s Take: Start small. Figure out what your family needs, what they like, where their weak points are, what their desires are. Maybe it’s living off on a farm somewhere or maybe it’s just being part of an intentional community in a city location where they have farmers markets and little gardens. If you look back to tribal cultures, they have it dialed in. It’s not rocket science. How do I heat and cool this home? Where can I take a sh*t? Where’s my water coming from? What do I have to eat? Communication? Transportation? Et cetera. I did give a lot of detail to this in a sort of disaster format in my second book, When All Hell Breaks Loose.

But really, start small, because it would seem so daunting for the average American that they would just freeze up and they wouldn’t do anything. So, better to start small based on whatever family like or need is at the present moment – because it will be a little different for each family. You start recycling. You ride a bike to work part of the time. Whatever the hell that is, you get in shape – because survival is very physical. Whatever that is for an individual and families is their respective choice, but there are a lot of common sense things to follow.

What I mean by that is, let’s say we’re in a house and we take a weekend where we take our own breakers onto the power supply and we turn them off. Then you find out what really hurts and what the family likes or “needs” and can go and realize “we were really hurt without this, that or the other.” And they can improvise, get backup plans or learn material based on that skill that’s necessary or learn how to do without, or whatever it is.

Joe’s Take: I will tell you this: Knowledge is power. There’s a ton of information online. Cody has written a book on preparedness. I think if people just educate themselves and read a little bit, that would help a lot of people get through it, because with knowledge, that gives you confidence, and confidence will give you the ability to negotiate through the stress. If you know what you’re getting into before you get into it, you’ll have the confidence to negotiate that problem.

I think that people just need to wake up and see what’s going on out there, and don’t live in a bubble. Read and see and educate yourself about what’s going on. The threat of terrorism is as real as it gets. Sadly, I believe that someday our worst fears are going to come to fruition. If you’re not prepared to survive something like that, you’re going to become a casualty. Nature has a very unique way of removing people out of the life cycle that aren’t able to survive. Survival of the fittest, as the saying goes.

Is this generation prepared?

Cody’s Take: The scariest thing for me is, according to Red Cross statistics when they asked Americans, “Are you prepared for any sort of disaster?” – 93% or so said NO. That’s scary. How could that possibly have a positive outcome in the short term? But hopefully we learn from our experiences.

Joe’s Take: To be honest with you, it doesn’t really matter if the world is going to end or not. Even if things stayed the same for the next hundred years, we should still be cultivating an America where the people are strong, self-reliant, and capable of handling anything. And sadly, a lot of people, because of the computer, and everything is two feet away from people, we’ve kind of lived in a bubble for a long time. I think that can be a fatal mistake.

What is the takeaway message on surviving any scenario?

Learn to be self-reliant. Think like a survivor. Practice and train to hone your survival skills. Be prepared. Become confident in your ability to survive.

Don’t forget to tune in to the all-new season of Dual Survival with Cody Lundin and Joseph Teti, premiering January 1st at 9/8c!

All-New Season of Dual Survival Premieres January 1 at 9/8c!


Get ready for bigger challenges, harsher environments, and a brand new partner for Cody in Season Three of Dual Survival, premiering New Year's Day at 9/8c on the Discovery Channel.

The new season kicks off with Unbraided, a one-hour special at 8/7c where you'll get a sneak peek into the survival scenarios Cody Lundin and Joseph Teti will be tackling. Then, at 9/8c on the series premiere, Cody and Joe will face one of the harshest environments in the world: Chile's Atacama desert. It's an episode that not only pushes the guys to their limits, but will teach you how you could survive there too.

Here's a clip from the new season:

Watch as Cody helps Joe seal a wound using leaf-cutter ants in Nicaragua.

Check out the full press release below, and don't forget to tune in to the season premiere on Tuesday, January 1 at 9/8c!


-- Cody Lundin and Joseph Teti Show What It Takes to Survive in World's Most Inhospitable Conditions --

Discovery Channel's DUAL SURVIVAL returns for an all-new season on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 with the one-hour special DUAL SURVIVAL: UNBRAIDED airing at 8PM E/P and the first episode of the new season, "Mars on Earth," airing at 9PM E/P.  DUAL SURVIVAL series features two people with drastically different backgrounds and survival strategies who take on some of the planet's most unforgiving terrain, from Chile to Zambia, to demonstrate how the right skills and some creative thinking can keep you alive even in the most dangerous situations.  This season the challenges are bigger, the environments are more extreme and the differences between the two men couldn't be greater.

Returning this season is Cody Lundin, a 20 plus-year survival veteran who honed his skills living in the deserts and mountains with little modern tools, equipment or assistance. Lundin is a professional survival instructor and has been going barefoot for more than two decades, part of his indigenous survival strategy.  New this season is Joseph Teti, a combat-tested special operations veteran and graduate of more than 30 formal schools related to special operations.  His training in the art of staying alive has helped him survive countless classified missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Together they could be the most formidable survival team on the planet - if only they could agree on strategy.

In each episode of DUAL SURVIVAL, the duo is dropped into a survival scenario:  a downed paraglider, lost hikers, stranded white water rafters.  Equipped only with the minimal gear that would have been carried in the real-life situations, Lundin and Teti must draw upon their arsenal of skills as well as their surroundings to demonstrate what it takes to stay alive.  How will they use a tin can and cotton bandana to make fire in the Hawaiian jungle?  Or turn carpenter ants into sutures to treat an open wound on the side of a volcano in Nicaragua?

Cody Lundin is a survival veteran and best-selling author who teaches self-reliance and outdoor survival skills to students through his Aboriginal Living Skills School in Arizona.  He spent two years living in a brush shelter in the woods where he slept on pine needles and cooked over an open fire. Today, Lundin lives completely off the grid in a self-designed, self-reliant passive solar earth home in the high desert wilderness of Arizona.  There, he catches monsoon rain water by the thousands of gallons, harnesses the sun's energy for electricity with photovoltaic panels, composts waste and pays nothing for heating and cooling.

Joseph Teti's training is extremely diverse and formidable.  He has the rare distinction of having served in three special operations units.  He is a former Force Recon Marine, Army Special Forces "Green Beret" and a former operative in one of the most top-secret government counter- terrorist units in the world.  He attended several survival schools in his career, is an expert in unconventional warfare and is part of only one percent of all Special Forces operators who is both HALO and SCUBA qualified.  Teti has held a TOP SECRET-SCI with polygraph security clearance, the highest security clearance awarded by the U.S. government.

"There is no question, Cody Lundin is one of the world's foremost experts in self-reliance and living off the land.  And Joe Teti's ability to survive a decade of combat in some of the most dangerous situations and harshest terrain on the planet makes him the perfect addition to Dual Survival.  The differences between these two men couldn't be more drastic, but each is formidable in his own way.  This will unquestionably be the best season of Dual Survival yet," said Executive Producer French Horwitz.

New Season of “Property Wars” Premieres January 10!


Propert-wars-post-logoThe Arizona housing market is about to get a lot hotter as Season 2 of Property Wars is set to kick off Thursday, January 10 at 10/9c.

Follow a group of savvy buyers as they compete to snatch up the best homes on the auction block. Whether going after a rundown property in one of Phoenix’s toughest neighborhoods, a sprawling custom mansion, or a ranch out in the desert, these guys are all determined to walk away with the best deal of the day.

See the full press release below—and be sure to tune in to the season 2 premiere on January 10 at 10/9c.


-New Season Premieres January 10th at 10PM ET/PT-

(LOS ANGELES) Phoenix, Arizona leads the nation in the high-stakes world of housing auctions, and where some see a lost cause, others smell a diamond in the rough. Last season on PROPERTY WARS, rival bidders faced off over houses they could only see from the outside, and this season, they’re back to duke it out again beginning on Thursday, January 10th at 10:00PM ET/PT.

PROPERTY WARS follows aggressive buyers at the top of their games competing to snatch up the most profitable houses recently put up for auction by the county courts. And this is not your grandma’s silent auction! As their bidders stand by at the courthouse, buyers are given only minutes to investigate a house before the bidding starts. They’re not allowed to view the interior until after it’s bought, so they must rely on a combination of gut instinct and experience to figure out if each house is worth their investment. But the properties themselves aren’t the only factors in this high stakes bidding match; rivalries between buyers lead to fierce bidding wars to get the homes.

So who will wind up with a bargain and who will get sucked into a money pit? On this season of PROPERTY WARS, follow teams of buyers and bidders squaring off in hopes of carving out their own sections of the Phoenix market.

•   Doug Hopkins, commonly referred to as the King of the East Valley, is an assertive veteran buyer with over twenty years of experience.

•    Doug’s rivals Scott Menaged and Lou Amoroso, two abrasive New Yorkers, are determined to get any property they desire and they have no qualms about offending fellow buyers in the process.

•    Ed Rosenberg and Steve Simons, recent transplants from Los Angeles, believe that the best way to make a big profit is to take calculated risks, but their inexperience still gets them into trouble.

•    Longtime Phoenix real estate buyer John Ray uses his intimate knowledge of the local market and building codes to seek out unique houses that can turn to gold.

From the quick down-and-dirty investigation of the houses which can only be viewed from the outside, to the heated auctions themselves, through the surprising inspections that reveal the insides of the houses for the first time, profits and losses are tallied to see who makes the best deal and who goes bust. Whether going after a run-down property in one of Phoenix’s toughest neighborhoods, a sprawling custom mansion, or a ranch out in the desert, these guys are all determined to walk away with the best deal of the day. Season two of PROPERTY WARS kicks off on January 10th at 10:00PM ET/PT.



The Zombie Apocalypse is Coming


This is the one time we can absolutely confirm that, as Discovery Channel prepares to air the premiere of “Zombie Apocalypse” tonight, Tuesday 18 at 10/9c. Could humans really turn into zombies? Hear from scientists who are seriously studying the question, and from the “zombie preppers” who are getting ready for what they believe is the inevitable. It may not be what the Mayans were thinking about when they were creating the Mayan Calendar (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy), but in today’s world many think zombies could actually be a part of society’s demise. Who knows though…perhaps zombies were all part of the Mayan vision of the end.

What ARE these things?: Zombies don’t need much of an introduction or explanation as they’ve overtaken pop culture books, movies and events. We know them as the human “undead”; those who stagger, covered in blood, with only one mission in mind – to feast on those of us who haven’t been turned. The only way to stop them? Get them in the brain.

Tickle’s Take on Zombies:  They are so well known that even in the hills of Appalachia, the Moonshiners talk about zombies and have some opinions on a potential Zombie Apocalypse. Here’s Tickle’s Take on Zombies and what he’d do to protect himself. Think treadmills.

What, Us Worry?: So how much do we really need to worry about this zombie phenomenon? Scientists have been studying the zombie story since the late 80’s, as a landmark case of a man rising from the dead after 18 years in Haiti captivated us.  The “Zombie Project,” not surprisingly came to some  mixed conclusions, but was considered serious enough to be printed up in the top medical journals of the day.

The “Zombie Project” is not the only attempt by scientists to understand what might cause humans to turn into flesh eating zombies. It’s a sobering bit of business…and the key lies in the brain. Some believe parasites could invade our brain as they sometimes do with animals in nature, causing them to run towards death scenarios. Others think neurotoxins or some other chemical intervention could send us over the cliff towards blood lusting insanity.

Come On Science! Save Us!: As you’ll see in “Zombie Apocalypse” tonight, Tuesday 18 at 10/9c, some scientists believe  the possibility of a mutated virus could very well attack our brains, and given the density of our population, affected individuals could take out entire cities in very little time. In fact, there are rare cases of people being driven to symptoms of zombie like madness by viral contagions, but please don’t panic. Scientists will point out such cases are very rare and are just examples of how a virus could be an important area of study.  In fact, not only are scientists studying the mutation of viruses, they are examining each part of our brains and how they function to understand how to arrest a pandemic, should one arise.

Zombie-palooza: If you aren’t tired of learning about our quirky clumsy, flesh eating cousins, we have an entire feature dedicated to your questions and preparatory needs.  If you need to just let loose with a little practice, we’ve even got a zombie game for you.

Let loose and enjoy the madness of this burgeoning pop culture phenomenon, but don’t forget to watch tomorrow as Zombie Apocalypse airs tonight, Tuesday 18 @ 10/9c to get the inside look at the very strange story of zombies. Plus don’t forget to check out our exploration of the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy, read the stories and join the conversation.


Just One Week Left ‘til the End of the World?


In one week we will arrive at the notorious date of December 21, 2012 – the alleged end of the world.

But will the world really end, or will the 21st simply pass by as other potential doomsdays have? One way or another, we’ll have the answer next week.

As the 21st approaches, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Are you prepared to survive the apocalypse?

Whether you’ve built a doomsday bunker or just need to catch up on your survival skills, there’s no time like now to prepare.

And if you are looking for big ideas on how humankind could survive under apocalyptic circumstances, Discovery News has you covered, from explaining how we could pull off stunts such as deflecting near-Earth objects and colonizing Mars. The thing is, will you be ready?

Perhaps more importantly, if next Friday truly is our last day on Earth, how will you spend it?

Will you be stocking up on last-minute supplies? Taking it easy with your loved ones? Or heading to the center of it all at the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza?

Want to dig deeper?

Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday, December 18th as Discovery breaks down how the world might end, doomsday plans, and even what a zombie apocalypse could mean for our planet.



Who Will Win Chopper Live: The Revenge? Vote Now!


Now that the Chopper Live bikes have been revealed it’s time to vote for your favorite builder! Remember, YOU decide who takes home the title of this year’s top bike builder. Text your vote to 97979 (1 for Junior, 2 for Jesse, 3 for Fast N’ Loud, 4 for Senior) and then tune in tonight at 9/8c for Chopper Live: The Revenge to find out who will win this year’s event.

Here’s a look at the bikes. Check out the Chopper Live site for more images and video!

Team Junior — Text 1 to 97979 to vote for Team Junior's bike *


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Don’t forget to enter the Chopper Live: Sin City Sweepstakes for a chance to win awesome prizes, including a signed guitar by Lynyrd Skynyrd, a GoPro HERO3 Camera, a customized iPad Mini, and more!

Tune in tonight at 9/8c to find out who will win this epic event!

* Message and data rates may apply. Send HELP to 97979 for help. Send STOP to 97979 to cancel. See full terms.


Giant Squid Captured on Video for First Time



The giant squid has been captured on video in its natural habitat for the first time ever.

This long-sought after footage — considered by many to be the Holy Grail of natural history filmmaking — will be revealed by Discovery Channel and NHK in January 2013.

With razor-toothed suckers and eyes the size of dinner plates, tales of this creature have been around since ancient times. The Norse legend of the sea monster the Kraken, and the Scylla from Greek mythology, might have derived from the elusive giant squid.

This massive predator has always been shrouded in secrecy, and every attempt to capture a live giant squid on camera in its natural habitat has failed. Until now.

Mankind finally confronts the greatest mystery of the deep as the first-ever footage of a live giant squid in its natural habitat is revealed in Discovery Channel’s Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real, which premieres on Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 10/9c as the season finale of Curiosity. NHK will air their special on the first-ever footage of the giant squid in early January 2013.

QUIZ: Take the Giant Squid Quiz

“When Discovery does natural history it sets the bar high, and this ground breaking project features the very first-ever footage of a live giant squid in its natural habitat. Our crew came face-to-face with the giant squid, and it’s the ideal season finale for our Curiosity series that stirs the imagination of our audience, bravely asking questions and fearlessly seeking answers. This latest production, four years in the making, is a world-first achievement for television, and I’m excited to share it,” said Eileen O’Neill, Group President of Discovery and TLC Networks.

VIDEO: Discovery News Report from Aug. 18, 2010

Get Ready to Vote for Your Favorite Bike Builder!


Chopper-vote-post-promoThe time is almost here to cast your vote for your favorite bike builder as American Chopper Live: The Revenge goes down Dec. 10 and 11 at 9/8c.

Does Junior have enough gas in the tank to retain his crown? Will Jesse James or Senior finally get their revenge? Can newcomers Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman of Team Fast N’ Loud hold their own against the bike-building veterans? YOU be the judge!

Tune in Dec. 10 at 9/8c for the unveiling of the bikes. Afterward, you’ll be able to text your vote for your favorite bike builder. Voting will remain open throughout the live show the following night (Dec. 11) with a winner announced at the end of the show.

Don’t forget to sign up for show reminders and to enter the Chopper Live: Sin City Sweepstakes for a chance to win awesome prizes, including a signed guitar by Lynyrd Skynyrd, a GoPro HERO3 Camera, a customized iPad Mini, and more!

Tune in Monday, Dec. 10 and Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 9/8c for the epic two-night event!

American Chopper Ultimate Fan Trivia Challenge


With the American Chopper series coming to an end—and everyone gearing up for American Chopper Live next week—we thought it was a great time to celebrate a decade of the Teutuls with the American Chopper Ultimate Fan Trivia Challenge.

Think you know everything there is to know about American Chopper? Then take the quiz and share the results with your friends. From Senior’s boot size to Rick’s first OCC build, the Ultimate Fan Trivia Challenge will separate the champs from the chumps when it comes to all things Chopper.

Don’t forget to tune in to Chopper Live: The Revenge on Dec. 10 and 11 at 9/8c to watch the ultimate bike build-off.

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