Penguins Attend Frozen Planet “Blue Carpet” Premiere


Last night, penguins Pete and Penny donned their most elegant formal wear to walk the “blue carpet” at the Frozen Planet premiere party at New York City’s Alice Tully Hall.

The tuxedo’ed duo hobnobbed with well-known celebrities including award-winning actress Glenn Close, newscaster Paula Zahn, television personality Jim Cramer and former talk show host Dick Cavett, among others.

In all, over 800 guests — from television personalities to reporters and beyond — attended the Frozen Planet premiere with SeaWorld‘s Pete and Penny, who flew first class to attend the VIP event.

The penguin pair joined Discovery Communications Founder John Hendricks, CEO David Zaslav and Discovery Channel President Eileen O’Neill on the blue carpet to kick things off, though they didn’t want to pose — they were more interested in working the walkway like a pair of high-fashion super models.

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Once everyone was seated in Alice Tully Hall, the lights came down and the packed theater filled with “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” as the main event got underway. A few guests covered their eyes during the predation scenes, but the rest of the audience was riveted. The premiere screening ended with a huge round of applause from the audience.

Earlier this week, Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter (a huge fan of Penguin Cam, by the way) said, “Frozen Planet is one of those instantly riveting series where you marvel at the beauty and majesty of it all but also spare more than a passing thought for the effort involved.”

Goodman went on to say that “anyone who ever watched Planet Earth or Life needs absolutely no nudge toward the brilliance that is Frozen Planet. Once you’ve seen these super-committed, time-intensive, lovingly crafted explorations of the natural world, there’s just no going back.”

Having made their splash at “one of the most ambitious nature documentaries ever made (Men’s Journal),” Pete and Penny headed back home to their feathered brethren at SeaWorld.

Frozen Planet — a seven-part series from the co-producers of Planet Earth and Life — premieres Sunday, March 18, at 8PM e/p on Discovery Channel.

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