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Bling Fever


Syttd-716-kristin-olear-the-dress-365x515Watch video from Season 7 of Say Yes, and see pictures of dresses featured on the show!

Kristin was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer before her high school sweetheart left for a military assignment, so they said a quick "I do." Now that she was healthy again and her guy was back in the U.S., they were going to do their wedding right! And that meant getting a proper -- and perfect -- wedding dress. The wedding would be a huge celebration for the family, and they had high expectations for Kristin's gown.

As for the bride, she told Dianne that she simply wanted to look classy and elegant. Her entourage was disappointed with the first few styles she tried on. They thought that Kristin deserved a dress much more unique. Nothing too girly, nothing too trendy. Just something timeless and figure-flattering! In dress No. 3, Kristin felt truly beautiful. And luckily for the bride, her family loved it, too!

Latoya owned her diva attitude: "I always want what I want," she said. She saved up for her dream wedding, and now that she had the funds (and a beautiful baby girl!), she was ready to purchase a princess-perfect dress. Camille helped pull a few blingy styles within Latoya's $10,000 budget.

The first ball gown was gorgeous, but Latoya's entourage urged her to keep looking. Dress No. 2 took the wedding's Hollywood glamour theme in a different direction: It was a sexy, figure-hugging mermaid silhouette. The bride was tempted by the gown but ultimately decided it wasn't regal enough. In dress No. 3, Latoya was pleased with the fit but wasn't crazy about the lack of bling. Randy suggested adding some custom crystals...and when the bride realized it was within her budget to do so, she said an enthusiastic yes!

Down in alterations, Denise was trying on her dress for the second time. She'd waited many years for the right guy to come along! "It's never too late to get married," she explained. For Denise, it was worth the wait for true love -- and the right dress. She was having a total Cinderella moment in her ball gown. "I looked in the mirror and the sparkle was so tremendously wonderful!" she exclaimed. Congratulations, Denise!

Kristin models her perfect gown. (Credit: DCL)

Boob Mirage


Syttd-717-christie-sanders-the-dress-365x515Need a mid-week Say Yes fix? Watch scenes from the show right here! And check out our slideshow of dresses featured on the show.

The blondes invaded Kleinfeld on Friday night! Did you keep everyone straight? There was a pageant queen, stunt double and a bride afraid of boob mirage. WHAT?! Let's backtrack and recap from the top.

Ashley was the model/pageant winner who was after a slim dress and killer deal. She found the perfect dress two weeks prior to her Kleinfeld appointment at another store, but she wanted her dad to see it before purchasing anything. Sarah had a stock room associate track down that dress while she showed other styles to the bride. Nothing pleased her except the dress she'd been missing. And even then, she was reluctant to say yes until she was sure she was paying a fair price. In the end, she bought at dress at less than half her budget that looked fantastic on her. That's a total wedding win-win in our book!

Christie, a stuntwoman turned lawyer, wanted something super sexy for her vows. She threw consultant Jill for a loop by insisting on trying on her favorite dresses last. After modeling a series of different styles -- all of which looked great on her -- it was time for the mermaid stunner. And it really stunned! Her entourage was blown away. Christie said, "I feel like a glamorous movie star!"

The night before her wedding, Christie threw out her back and spent hours in the emergency room. But she pulled it together for the big day and looked absolutely gorgeous. Get well soon, Christie!

Leah came to Kleinfeld from Canada in search of a very specific vision: a lace dress with a ruffled skirt and beaded belt, no sweetheart neckline thankyouverymuch. Antonella had to ask about the strong aversion to sweetheart, and Leah explained that the shape creates what her boyfriend termed "boob mirage," or the illusion of big breasts. Antonella and Randy had a huge laugh about that.

But what wasn't funny was the total lack of selection to meet Leah's very precise order. She turned down at least five dresses before realizing that she was pickier than she ever thought she was! Luckily, around the time of her epiphany, Randy found the perfect dress for her. It was a huge relief to everyone (including the bride!) when she said yes.

Back injury or not, Christie looks ready to party all night in this glam gown! (Credit: DCL)

Bridal Battlefield

Big-bliss-jennifer-loprete-216-the-dress-365x515Miss an episode of Big Bliss? Watch highlights from the show right here! Find bridal gown inspiration in these photos of dresses featured on the show.

Love is a battlefield, but shopping shouldn't be one! Plus-size model and bride Lindsey drove all the way from St. Louis to find her dress. She told Antonella, "Dresses don't come in my size where I live." Slipping into a wedding dress that fit her curves was a fantastic feeling that started off this appointment on the right foot. Unfortunately, revealing the first dress to her entourage soured that high. They didn't like the simple silhouette or ruching.

The bride tried on a few blingy styles, but they were too princessy for her taste. "I found my dream dress, and they're out there hating it!" she said in disbelief. Antonella found a compromise for the bride and her friends: a slim dress with corseted back and champagne accents against ivory. The bride looked amazing with her curves played up. "I think I found my dress!" Lindsey said when she saw herself in the mirror. Her girls agreed -- yes!!

Jessica told Camille, "I'm very much my own person." But that didn't mean she didn't value her family's opinion. And boy did they ever express it! When Jessica found her dream dress, her aunt described it as the inside of a coffin. It was up to Camille and Nicole to help the bride stand up for herself. To be a team player, she tried on her family's pick, but it made her feel "like a muffin." She put her favorite back on and told everyone this was it. Camille and Nicole applauded her, and Jessica's family couldn't help but get on board. Right choice, Jessica!

Down in alterations, vivacious bride Jennifer was ready to make a few changes to her $11,000 dress. "I consider myself a glamorous bride who secondly happens to be plus-size," she said. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Jennifer didn't like the way her boobs or her arms looked in her gown. Vera to the rescue! With a few chicken cutlets added to the bodice and some satiny straps tacked on to the dress, Jennifer was finally aisle-ready. We loved this glam bride and her fierce attitude!

Jennifer sparkles -- even before her custom alterations. (Credit: DCL)

A $70,000 Bridal Bill

Syttd-718-jacy-good-the-dress-365x515Catch up on moments you've missed from Season 7 -- and flip through photos of all the gorgeous gowns featured on the show!

A full-time student with a full-time job, Candice hadn't had much time to shop for wedding dresses. And that's how she found herself in a bridal pickle: just three weeks until her destination wedding with no gown. Thank goodness Camille was there to help.

For her Dominican Republic getaway, Candice was after a big, puffy gown. Her mother wanted something royal, glam and over-the-top. How to marry the two visions? Camille started with a series of elegant ball gowns, but Mom wasn't buying into the aesthetic. "I don't want her not to look good on her special day." Finally, dress No. 4 pleased both bride and mom. It was classic enough for Candice, but it had enough wow factor for her mother.

Dianne knew her client the second she saw her. Jacy had been in a serious car accident the night of her college graduation that left her seriously injured and killed both of her parents. Shopping for a dress without her mom was something Jacy was not looking forward to, but she was ready to celebrate life and walk down the aisle to say "I do" to her incredibly supportive fiance. She described him as "the most faithful partner anyone could ask for."

Jacy was thinking about a chiffon gown with straps, but Dianne had her doubts this would please the bride. She began with a simple Grecian gown, then took Jacy in another direction with some sparkle ("not quite Jacy") and then an off-the-shoulder taffeta dress. It was a very emotional moment when Jacy presented herself to her entourage in this gown. "My mom definitely would've picked this dress," she said.

Tabatha was doing her fittings upstairs because she had five gowns. Five? Yes, this bride racked up the highest tab in Kleinfeld history, purchasing Pnina Tornai gowns for herself, mother and three little girls. "I just really wanted them to feel special," she said. Wow! This was a bride who knows how to share her spotlight! Everyone looked like princesses, and the very blinged-out entourage couldn't have been happier with their designer gowns.

Jacy is classy and happy in this taffeta dress. (Credit: DCL)

C'mon, Mom!

Big-bliss-jenelle-simpson-the-dress-215-365x515Get the latest Big Bliss video right here! And check out pictures of dresses featured on the show.

Brianne told Christianne, "I want to be pretty like a princess." With her mom paying, she was determined to voice her opinion. "We don't want her to look like a tablecloth," Mom said. Well, then! It was a bit of a struggle to combine Brianne's love of ball gowns with Mom's aesthetic. One princessy dress was too "hotel comforter" for Mom's taste.

The bride warned Christianne that tulle just wouldn't cut it, but the consultant took a chance with a romantic gown. As soon as Brianne stepped out in it, Mom shed tears. It's the one, she said when Brianne murmured, "I love everything about this dress." For Mom and daughter to get the right dress feeling, you know it's a good day at Kleinfeld!

Jenelle was a total crowd pleaser. "I just want to find something that makes everyone happy." This bride had a soft spot not only for pleasing her family but also for taking care of them. We learned that she'd adopted her sister's children after a drug addiction kept her from raising them. Wow, this was a bride who deserved a happy ending! Jenelle's mom pointed out that she's sacrificed a lot and deserves the perfect wedding.

It was a battle between Jenelle's crowd-pleasing instinct and her aunt's desire for glam when a dress came in the middle. Would Jenelle stand up for the dress she really loved? Or would she concede to her aunt? In the end, Jenelle went for it! "It's a dress for a big girl, not a big girl dress," she said.

Down in fittings, Elizabeth was back with her mom. She'd dared to buy a dress her mother didn't like, and she just wanted some validation. That would be tough to get, though. She still loves the dress, but Mom took her time getting on board. When the alterations specialist added a lace sleeve to cover a revealing back, Mom finally said it looked beautiful on her daughter. At last!

Jenelle wears a beautiful wedding dress that pleased most of her entourage! (Credit: DCL)











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