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The Feeling You're Supposed to Feel


Say-yes-atlanta-314-lexie-m-2-blogGo behind the scenes of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta with our exclusive video extras! And catch a sneak peek of Lexie and her tough entourage right here. Want more gorgeous gowns? Flip through photos to find your perfect dress!

A pageant girl with an opinionated mom? You don't say! Lexie told consultant Cindy she had no idea what kind of dress she wanted for her destination wedding in Maui, but Mom knew exactly what Lexie should wear: FEATHERS. Birds have them. And birds are on the beach. Got it?

As the entourage began pulling dresses for Lexie, Mom didn't hold back. She selected a wide variety of dresses, commenting "It doesn't matter how many she tries on." Point taken. A bride needs to see herself in lots of different styles to find her perfect match, but she shouldn't be overwhelmed with a wall of dresses. And that's the situation Lexie found herself in: a wall of Mom's picks, and her own selections -- the ones within her budget -- lost in the white, feathery shuffle.

Despite Mom's control over the appointment, Lexie was pretty pleased with her picks. Dress No. 2 was the real winner, until Lexie learned it cost more than twice her budget. Monte assessed the damage. "We need to put this bride back in charge of her own appointment and put her in one of her dresses," he said.

While Monte and Lori came to Lexie's aid and helped her weed out the gowns crowding her dressing room, Lexie began to come around. It was her appointment, it was her decision, and she could find a dress that she liked within her price range. And when she stepped out in one with plenty of confidence, she even won over Mom. That's a crown-worthy moment!

Florida bride Cara was paired up with Flo to find the right mermaid dress. It was mermaid or bust, according to Cara, who'd already tried on nearly 100 gowns in this style. This was a point of contention with her entourage, who thought she needed to step out of her style box and give a princess ball gown a shot. Cara agreed to try on a fuller silhouette -- but only to show her friends and family it was the wrong type of dress for her.

While they oohed and ahhed over the bride in her full skirt, Cara wrinkled her nose. She could fit her entire bridal party under the dress! Flo knew she'd have to find a sexy mermaid dress that was brand-new to the bride, so she pulled a dress fresh out of a new shipment.

"That's what I was looking for," Cara said when the zipper went up. As she modeled it for her entourage, she said, "I feel the feeling you're supposed to feel." The elusive it's-the-one feeling! Every bride wants it; no bride can deny it. This was an easy yes.

Down in alterations, Ruth wasn't too happy about her dress playing hide-and-seek in the bridal salon. No one could find it. With the wedding 10 days away, it was now or never. But, at last, it was located, and the bride was pleased with the fit. At her happy wedding, she glowed!

Lexie models one of Mom's ornate, out-of-budget picks. There's no denying it's gorgeous, though it may not be entirely right for a beach wedding in Maui! (Credit: DCL)

Just Another White Dress


Say-yes-704-jackie-bruno-3-blogWatch new video from season 7 and see pictures of dresses featured on the show!

We've seen pageant girls on the show before, but a wedding dress model? This might be a first! Jackie explained to Audrey that she's worn countless white dress -- and hundreds of wedding dresses -- so it was going to be a challenge finding something that made her feel like a bride. The wedding itself was taking place in Rhode Island, but it would have a distinctive South Beach vibe. Jackie wanted to be sexy AND elegant. What a statement!

Audrey started with sexy. In a dress with a looooooow back, Jackie felt edgy, but she was sure her grandmother would disappove. She did. For dress No. 2, Audrey went all out with a ballgown. No luck. Dresses 3 - 5 were thumbs down, but No. 6 showed some promise. Her family absolutely loved it, but Jackie didn't get that bridal moment.

Randy stepped in to help. His perspective was simple: Show the bride some classic lace! After all the heavy, beaded pageant gowns Jackie had worn, Randy thought she'd love something drastically different. Even though her mom was in tears, Jackie still had doubts. "Is this the gown and I just can't see it?" she asked. Better to pass than to purchase and have regrets -- and Jackie left Kleinfeld.

Sarah met Rachel and her family in the waiting area, where the bride explained that she wanted to look like Kate Middleton on her wedding day. She loved the look of lace and a low back. Rachel's sister had a different idea, though. "I like humor in dresses," she said.

Sarah prioritized the bride's request and pulled a Duchess of Cambridge-worthy look. Rachel liked the lace -- and as she was modeling it for her family, she spied the one Kleinfeld copy of Kate's actual dress. As soon as she saw it in person, she realized it was too much dress for her.

Back in the stock room, Sarah went with her gut and pulled some totally different looks for Rachel. They were playful, flirty dresses -- more of her sister's style, maybe -- but the bride was shocked by how great she looked in both of them. The first was a slinky lace number with a low back, and the second was a full-skirted gown with a pleated V-neck top. "I feel young, light-hearted!" the bride said. This was her dress!

Down in alterations, med student Alia was ready to step into her golden gown. For her secular ceremony at her parents' home in Napa, she wanted a gown that made her glow. The dress was absolutely gorgeous and completely unique.

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Jackie isn't sure if this is bridal or pageant wear. (Credit: DCL)

Making Memories With Dad


Say-yes-kate [Miss a moment of "Say Yes to the Dress?" Watch our favorite clips from the current season and past ones here. We love this playlist of classic moments -- it's vintage "Say Yes!"]

As Nicole pointed out at the beginning of this episode, when a bride brings her dad to an appointment at Kleinfeld, she's not just after his opinion -- she also wants to make some memories! We met two amazing dads in the episode and got reacquainted with one from season five. Here's what went down.

The first dad, Mark, confessed to being a total pageant dad. "That's a title I cherish," he said. His gorgeous daughter, Kate, was after a gown that skewed a little Lady Gaga, a little Sarah Jessica Parker and made a big statement. Her budget was $5,000, but Kate confided that since she's a daddy's girl, a great gown and a few carefully timed tears might push that budget up to the five-digit range. This bride was an expert in the pageant realm, but she wisely handed over control of the appointment to consultant Dianne ("You're the pro!"). Dianne's first pick was a one-shouldered, body-skimming gown covered in dreamy petals. It won "wows" from the crowd. But because Kate wanted a ball gown, they kept looking ... and looking. The bride did the princess dress, and she did the mermaid silhouette, but it was all too predictable. And it was back to the first dress, which Mark really loved. "It's like it was made for her." Dianne paired the dress with a hoop skirt to get the ball gown shape Kate craved, and it was the perfect look. "I feel special," Kate said, remarking that she looked like a bride, not a pageant contestant.

Next, we met bride Leah, whose father Richard became a quadriplegic after a skiing accident years ago. Leah explained that her dad has helped her make a lot of difficult decisions in her life, and choosing her wedding dress wouldn't be any different -- even if Dad couldn't physically be at the appointment. Set up with a webcam to watch his daughter model dresses, Richard conveyed how excited he was to be a part of the selection process. He said he knew Leah would choose something "understated but elegant." After trying on three dresses that didn't impress, dress No. 4 seemed pretty special. But Leah was concerned she didn't have that starstruck feeling brides get when they find The Dress. She showed it to her dad, who loved the simple, clean look. That's when Leah knew it was the one.

Bride Nancy was back with her fashionista father. Last season, Dad and Dianne helped Nancy find the right silhouette for her figure, and then they chose the best gown to complement it. Even though Nancy hadn't seen her dress since she tried it on, she admited, "I've looked online every day at the dress." Dad was in tears again to see Nancy model the beautiful gown. But disaster was on the horizon. As the seamstresses pinned the gown, Nancy was stuck and began to bleed! We didn't see that one coming. Luckily, the Kleinfeld specialists are nothing if not experts, and they repaired the dress just in time for the wedding. Congratulations, Nancy!

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Bride Kate chooses a dress with a dramatic cascade of petals. Only thing missing? A hoop skirt! (Credit: DCL)











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