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Lori knows that a bride can be heavily influenced by the way her family thinks. But ultimately, the bride makes the final call on the bridesmaid dress. How did that play out Friday night?

Courtney met her bride, Jordan, in the lobby. Jordan explained that she'd been dating her fiance since junior high. Wow! Talk about long-term romance. She confessed that she has commitment issues to the wedding -- not her guy -- and she couldn't decide on a dress or a maid of honor. Courtney had one indecisive bride on her hands! Besides "short," Jordan couldn't say one thing she really wanted in a dress. What she could definitively say was that her mom was not being supportive of the marriage. But would Mom's disapproval keep her from finding a dress?

Lori started off the appointment by putting Jordan's bridesmaids in dresses that each featured a ruffle to give the collection a cohesive look. Jordan was confused by what she wanted. Did she like the different looks? Did she want short dresses -- or maybe long ones? She told her mom that her indecision about the marriage was causing her to waffle on what she wanted. "I really wish she would see what I want and just be happy for me," Jordan said.

Jordan explained that her mom was her only family, so she needed her by her side. But her mom's lack of support was keeping her from full-blown wedding planning. "If Jordan's mom doesn't get on board with the wedding, she's going to lose her daughter," Lori predicted. At last, Mom came around. "I'm happy that you're happy, and I'm going to accept this decision," she said. Jordan was able to say yes to her bridesmaid dresses -- and would the search continue for her own dress?

Ashley's bride Latishia was just 18 but had already found the man of her dreams. For her summertime theme, Latishia wanted bright, happy colors on her bridesmaids. While the bride was thinking short and sexy, her mom wasn't so sure that was appropriate for church. As a pastor, she wanted to see her daughter's bridesmaids dressed for the venue.

While the bride's mother and sister looked for long dresses, Latishia and Ashley pulled sexy short ones. And for the first round, Ashley put all the girls in long, glam gowns. But they weren't winning over the bride. She still wanted to see her girls in a short dress. Her sister's reaction to that? "Hush!" she said. "You don't need short dresses." Was this an issue of church-appropriate or one bridesmaid's insecurities? What a great sister -- Latishia said yes to the dress her sis felt most comfortable in.

Stacey greeted her bride, Michelle, who was planning a Southern wedding in Alabama. Her four bridesmaids were very special to her, she said, and they all needed to look beautiful on the wedding day. Michelle's bridesmaids would wear one dress; her matrons of honor would wear another. Michelle was overwhelmed by the wild options her girls chose, so Stacey dressed them in the bride's picks.

When all the girls fell for a charmeuse dress, Michelle worried she wouldn't be able to find a complementary gown in the same fabric. There was just one more in the store -- and "What were the odds that the other bridesmaids would like it?" Stacey asked. In a magical Say Yes moment, Michelle fell in love with it. "I'm so excited that they're happy, and they're going to look beautiful on the wedding day," Michelle said.

Jordan gets her first glimpse of wedding reality: bridesmaid dresses on her best friends! (Credit: DCL)

The Last-Minute Bride


Bridesmaids-205-keosha-blogShare your pics of the most perfect or most perfectly awful bridesmaid dress you've ever worn! And go behind the scenes of the bridesmaids department in these videos -- you'll love the consultants' fashion tips. For pictures of dresses featured on the show, click here!

Even though Lori dreads bridesmaid drama, she knows that it's sometimes the bride -- not her bridal party -- that's causing it. She warned her consultants that they need to keep the bride as their No. 1 client...even if they're siding with the bridesmaids inside their heads!

Krystle had a tough appointment on her hands. Bride Leslie had just six months until her wedding, and she barely had a single detail planned. For her bridesmaid dresses, she simply said dark blue, no chiffon. "I'm open to everything else." Flexible bride? Nope, clueless and last-minute.

Luckily, her bridal party was on track. Her sis Kayla said, "If we do not make Leslie get this dress today, there is no telling when she will do it." So while the bridesmaids were all business, the bride's style was getting a little cramped. "I feel like I don't have an opinion here," she said. "Let me talk."

While the bridesmaids' strategy of forcing the bride to choose a dress backfired, Krystle saw a workaround. She needed to ease the bridesmaids' minds and make the defensive bride feel like she was back in control of the appointment. Since she knew there were a couple of styles Leslie liked, she suggested a dress that would represent the bride's perfect gown -- with minimal alterations. And that did the trick! "I'm glad I did not settle," Leslie said. Her girls were just glad she said yes.

Brandon had a high-maintenance bride on his hands. Ashlee's friends acknowledged that she was a total diva, but they loved her anyway. What they weren't so crazy about was their girl's wedding color palette: royal blue, platinum and yellow. Even Brandon had to hold back his opinion about that. As for Ashlee, she was more straightforward. "You guys don't have to like it. You just have to wear it."

Well, then! Brandon got to work pulling gowns in the bride's colors. She was a tough client. "They can't look sexier than me," she said when Brandon reached for a figure-hugging gown. When she saw her colors on display, she still wasn't convinced they weren't the right combination. "I did great!" Lori stepped in to help tweak Ashlee's vision.

What if the bride chose one amazing dress in bold royal blue, then accented with platinum accessories and yellow flowers? Ashlee agreed when she fell for a hot, one-shouldered dress. And the deal was cinched when the designer, Lazaro, stepped out to greet the bride and her 'maids. "I felt so special," Ashlee said.

Down in alterations, Jessica was getting excited to see her bridesmaids in their dresses for the very first time. The sample had been too small for any of her girls to try on, so ordering the dress was a pretty big fashion risk. Fortunately for the bride, it was a risk that paid off -- big time! Her girls looked so chic and fashion-forward on the wedding day. Congrats to the happy bride and her gorgeous girls!

Ashlee's bridesmaids help the bride narrow down her big-day style. (Credit: DCL)


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Ah, Krystle. Was ever there a Bridesmaids manager so wise? She warned her staff at the beginning of the day, "Don't get yourself overwhelmed because then you just lose that positive energy." Important to remember because there were some TOUGH appointments in store.

First up, Brandon met destination bride Jovon and her bridal party. Bridesman Baybay had been dressing in drag for four years, but we suspect this was his first bridesman gig. He was concerned about finding a dress that would flatter his figure and not read too mother of the bride. Oh -- and Jovon wanted each of her 'maids in a different, royal blue, short dress. Brandon assessed the situation as ""

Our seasoned consultant was sure of one thing: One dress was enough for this crew. With three different styles (and one on a drag queen), no one would be looking at the bride. When Brandon found a dress that all three bridesmaids approved of, we thought the battle was over. But Jovon held tightly to her vision. She wanted three different dresses, and she would find them. So, she said yes to the one dress for her maid of honor. And for the bridesmaid and bridesman, the search continued off-camera.

Ashley found herself in the middle of friendly competition. Her bride, Cynthia, and bridesmaids met at Florida State running track. And forgive the pun when we say this appointment was on the fast track to chaos.

Bold bridesmaid Courtney was self-conscious about her athletic figure and was more focused on pulling  a dress that would play up her body than being a team player. "I will not walk out paying for a dress I don't like," she declared. It was drama, drama, drama when Courtney found a dress that the maids of honor liked. How dare they claim it when it was her find?

Ashley's solution was to put Courtney in the dress she picked and the maids of honor in a similar dress by the same designer. It had a similar look and feel, and Cynthia was just happy everyone else was happy. Phew. That's how we work as a team, ladies.

Monique was in fittings with her nine bridesmaids to see their gowns for the first time. She was nervous because she'd picked the color off a tiny swatch and wasn't sure how it would look in full form. And...she had every reason to be worked up. It wasn't really raspberry -- it was more like purple. "The color's pretty, but it doesn't match the decor," Monique said. Some clear-headed thinking saved the day. The bride simply added some purple accents to her wedding decor, and no guest was the wiser.

You say raspberry, we say purple! Monique's bridal party is dressed to impress. (Credit: DCL)

Cheap Dress, Please!


Bridesmaids-204-natalie-3-blogGo behind the scenes at Bridals by Lori with these videos! And flip through photos of dresses featured on the show.

When a bridesmaid has an agenda, it can ruin the appointment for everyone. That's what brides Ramona and Summer were up against Friday night.

Planning her Diamonds and Pearls-themed wedding, Ramona was really leaning on her bridesmaids. With her fiance in Iraq, it wasn't exactly easy doing it on her own. Her sister and maid of honor, Tawana, knew that elegant but nontraditional dresses in shades of purple were the perfect fit for Ramona's vision. But bridesmaid Addie was more concerned about, well, her boobs. "I know my problem area," she confessed. "I'm busty. I would not like for my boobs to hang out."

OK, so modesty was a big concern. And we respect that. But Addie was letting her girls get in the way of decision-making. Each dress she saw, she was quick to dismiss as too revealing. When Brandon took her style in the opposite direction, putting her in a more conservative dress, she complained that her look was too churchy. Finally, Lori put Addie in her place. "Every dress can be altered for a better fit. Addie just needs to suck it up." And Ramona said yes to a sassy but classy one-shoulder dress.

Summer was a bride with a plan. For her wedding ceremony in a cathedral, she knew a long, formal dress was the way to go. But her bridesmaids were firm that they would pay no more than $200 for a dress. With most long dresses at a price point of $250 and up, Lori could quickly see this appointment would be a problem.

The first round of dresses fell flat. Some bridesmaids liked that the gowns were "cheap," but the bride thought they were all too plain. So, consultant Stacey took a chance and pulled some chiffon gowns slightly over budget. Summer fell for an elegant, Grecian-inspired gown with a price tag of $206. Shockingly, that was a deal-breaker. Stacey was dumbfounded. A $6 dealbreaker? Really? "I'm starting to think that maybe we should downgrade to something cheaper," Summer said.

Her friends rallied and realized that they were making their best friend feel guilty. It was her wedding, after all. And since they'd said yes to being in her bridal party, it was -- in Lori's immortal words -- time to pay up or shut up.

Down in fittings, Kodi had just four days until altar-time to make sure her girls were ready. Could Bridals by Lori work that quickly to ensure every girl a perfect fit? It wasn't easy -- and it wasn't until the wedding day in some cases -- but every bridesmaid got the fit she needed. Go, bridesmaids!

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The Grecian dress Summer fell for is the one in the middle! (Credit: DCL)

No Blood on the Sample Dresses

Bridesmaids-203-ethiopia-blogWatch video and behind-the-scenes scoop from the show! And did you know you can see every fabulous dress featured on Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids in one place? You can -- right here!

If there's one thing Lori is sure of, it's that siblings get into fights when it's time to pick a bridesmaid dress. She tasked her consultants with keeping the peace in the bridesmaid department. "I don't want any blood on the samples," she said.

Krystle met bride Sydni and her entourage in the lobby. Her bridal party included a mini maid of honor, 7-year-old Lily. "I'm not being a flower girl again," Lily explained. Since she and big sis Sydni, 14 years apart, became best friends before Sydni went to college, it was a natural choice to appoint Lily to this honorary position.

The hitch? Older sister Amber wasn't exactly thrilled to be the third-most-important voice at the appointment. Dead set on a strapless dress, she was outnumbered from the start. It just wouldn't be appropriate for Lily to wear strapless. So, one-shoulder it was!

Lori advised starting with a junior bridesmaid dress and choosing a coordinating bridesmaid dress. There was no way Lily could wear a regular bridesmaid dress -- way too big and mature! Krystle watched the drama unfold as Amber pushed and pushed for a strapless gown. Even Lily was upset by Amber's insistence on the off-limits style. "I'm way less of a baby than my older sister," she said.

Sydni finally spoke up and put her foot down. She loved the one-shoulder chiffon gown that looked great on every bridesmaid in question, and she was resolute that this was the most appropriate choice for all concerned. "I feel defeated," Amber said. "You don't get to say anything else about it!" Sydni responded.

Speaking of sister drama, consultant Brandon's sis, Autumn, was at Bridals by Lori looking for her bridesmaid dresses. What happens when a fashionista faces off against the bride? Nothing pretty. It was sibling rivalry at its best. "I will definitely never hear the end of it if Brandon picks the dress," Autumn said. Krystle reminded Brandon to treat Autumn just like any other client -- even if the temptation to bicker like brother and sister was hard to resist!

In the end, Brandon couldn't get on board with Autumn's taste, and Autumn wouldn't give the thumbs up to any of Brandon's picks. So who picked the perfect dress? KRYSTLE! As long as everyone's happy, right?

Rae was watching her girls try on their bridesmaid dresses for the first time down in fittings. She hadn't seen the dresses before -- she only told them to pick between two red styles. "I chose red because I wanted them to be the Jessica Rabbits of the wedding," Rae explained. While her primary motive was for her girls to be comfortable, she was a little worried about the shades matching. Her fears were quickly assuaged when the girls stepped out of their dressing rooms. "You guys look hot!" Happy bride, happy bridesmaids! Can all appointments be this easy?!

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