Bridal Briefs: Jane Neidhardt


Jane-scott Jane's mother wanted her in a lacy dress with sleeves, but that wasn't quite Jane's style. Mom and daughter found a happy medium, and we caught up with Jane to get the scoop! Read the recap of her episode, see pictures of the dresses she tried on, and watch video from Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta!

TLC: Was the wedding dress you chose similar to what you'd always pictured?
Jane: I tried on so many dresses that I’m not sure what I originally imagined, but whatever I imagined, it didn’t include tulle; and what do you know, my whole dress is tulle!

TLC: Who was the most memorable member of the Bridals by Lori team that you worked with? Tell us what made the experience so special.
Jane: Monte was a joy to work with. I remember him helping my consultant, Flo, by bringing me dresses he thought I would like….little did he know every dress he brought me, I’d already tried on.

TLC: Describe any special accessories you'll be pairing with your wedding dress.
Jane: I planned to wear my sister’s veil; however, once my dress arrived, I quickly learned that mismatching tulle doesn’t work. 

TLC: If you had it to do all over again, would you have chosen a different dress? Which style would you have gone with?
Jane: No, I probably would have picked the same dress and style. I picked out my dress 13 months prior to the wedding, so if I could do it all over again, I would have waited until about 8 months prior since I’m so impatient.
TLC: What are you looking forward to about your wedding day?
Jane: Probably be the part where Scott, my fiancé, will say “I do.” The second best will be eating the cake and watching my dad dance the night away.

TLC: What do you plan to do with your dress after the wedding?
Jane: After the wedding, I will be perfectly preserving my dress for my daughter just like my mother did for me.  And  when she goes wedding dress shopping, I’ll emphasize the fact that she would look amazing in a strapless, sweetheart, tulle dress.

Jane and her fiance Scott (Photo by K&K Photography, Tampa, Fla.)

Bridal Briefs: Tracy Howe


Tracy-howe Tracy's bridal style was edgier than her groom's personal taste, so she compromised with a chic convertible dress. Read the recap of Tracy's episode here, and find out what this bride had to say about her dress shopping experience at Bridals by Lori!

TLC: Was the wedding dress you chose similar to what you'd always pictured?
Tracy: The wedding dress I finally chose was absolutely better than what I actually had in mind. For years, once I learned that short wedding dresses existed, I’ve always wanted one. Prior to going to Bridals by Lori, I had already gone to three different bridal shops with no success.
    After Luke and I got engaged and I mentioned wanting a short dress, I felt Luke get a little nervous. So, when the team at Bridals by Lori showed me a dress that would fit both of our tastes, I was thrilled!

TLC: Who was the most memorable member of the Bridals by Lori team that you worked with? Tell us what made the experience so memorable.
Tracy: It’s hard to pinpoint the most memorable member, they were all so amazing! I had three ladies helping me find my dress: Brooke, Robin and Flo. All had different opinions, and I feel that the combination of all three made my experience unforgettable.
    Also, I can't forget about Stephanie and Beth in alterations. They were both essential in finalizing my accessories, and Linda, the miracle worker who fitted my dress, was so professional. Her knowledge and experience is incredible.

TLC: Describe any special accessories you paired with your wedding dress.
Tracy: You think you are good to go when you have the dress, but no! Accessories, in my opinion, make it all come together!
    As far as jewelry goes, I love pearls. My dad passed away seven years ago, so I wanted to have something on me in memory of him. My mom gave me a pearl necklace that my dad gave her to wear. I also wore a ring that my mom specially made for me that had the jade stone that was in one of my dad’s rings. The earrings I wore were pearl studs that Luke gave me for Christmas.
    The sash I wore around my waist was an addition that the staff at Bridals by Lori found. The sash made the overall look complete and perfect.
    My shoes? Oh, I loved my shoes!! I love flowers and flair and wanted my shoes to be showy and different, so when I saw them at College Park Shoes, I had to get them!
    One last final important piece was my hair flair -- I had decided that I look silly in veils and wanted a dainty, pretty piece in my hair that wasn’t overpowering.

TLC: If you had it to do all over again, would you have chosen a different dress?
Tracy: Absolutely not! I will tell you that I was nervous having to buy a dress so far in advance, but seven months after buying it and seeing it again at the first fitting, I still loved it and knew in my gut that there is no other dress than this one.

TLC: What was the best part of your wedding day?
Tracy: Wow, the best part … that’s difficult. It was wonderful seeing everything finally all in place, from the dress and the venue to the vendors. Plus, the weather was perfect, my friends and family were there, and my grandpa walked me down the aisle. Of course, it was so special seeing Luke looking handsome as ever waiting for me.

TLC: Now that the wedding is over, what will you be doing with your wedding dress?
Tracy: I’d like to think that I could pass it down if we have a daughter -- I like the tradition. I do know that one of my best friends may be borrowing the sash for her day, which makes me so happy that someone else can enjoy it!

TLC: If there are any other details you'd like to share, please do so!
Tracy: I truly think that I could not have had a better experience than I did at Bridals by Lori. Everyone I came in contact with, from the ladies helping me find my dress and the alterations crew to the the staff of Say Yes to the Dress could not have been more customer-driven, friendly and professional. I cannot thank them enough!!! xoxo

Image courtesy: Catherine Park/Mylife Photography

Family Ties


Say-yes-atlanta-212-jolee-blog See Courtney's brother weigh in on her wedding style, and flip through pictures of the dresses featured in the show! And, you can watch deleted scenes from Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta right here!

Family: the most valued and frustrating members of a wedding party! On Friday night, we saw modern brides reason with an overprotective brother and conservative mother to get the dresses of their dreams.

Courtney's brother wasn't exactly in his element at Bridals by Lori. With his plaid shirt and boots, he admitted he'd be more comfortable back home on the farm. Because Courtney was marrying his best friend, her brother had a few opinions about her gown. No. 1? It shouldn't be too revealing. When Courtney said she wanted a slinky mermaid gown, we knew we were in for a wild ride!

When Courtney modeled the first dress with off-the-shoulder straps, her family was a little taken aback. It was too sexy, they said. Dress No. 2 was her brother's pick...but Courtney didn't like it at all. Finally, dress number three married taste with total sophistication, and Courtney said yes!

Jolee explained that Filipina women always respect their mothers' opinions, but that made her dress search a little problematic. Raised in a conservative home, Jolee's wardrobe was limited by her mother's tastes. Now that she was grown up and paying for her own wedding dress, Jolee was determined to get a dress she loved. Of course, if Mom loved it, too, that would make the bride much happier.

The first dress was way too low-cut for Mom, and the second dress was too tightly fitted. Robin chose a crowd-pleaser next: a slim silhouette with a modest neckline. This was it! Jolee told her entourage that this was her dress -- and she hoped Mom could support her decision. Luckily for the bride, Mom loved it.

Marie-Ann was shopping without her mom, who died of cancer several years ago. It wasn't easy planning a wedding without her mother, but Marie-Ann had some sisterly support! She said that she was sure her mom would send her a sign when she found the right dress. Flo was sensitive to the bride's priorities and said they wouldn't stop searching for a dress until Marie-Ann got that sign.

Dress No. 1 didn't do anything for sis, who said she'd know it was the right dress when she teared up. Dress No. 2 gave Marie-Ann a special feeling, and when she modeled it for her girls, they confirmed her suspicions: It was the dress!

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Jolee tries to find something tastefully sexy to please her mom. (Credit: DCL)

Waiting for the One


Say-yes-atlanta-202-amanda-4-blog See pictures of dresses featured in this episode, and watch video of our favorite moments from Season 4 of Say Yes to the Dress! Bonus: Watch the clips you didn't see on TV in our reel of deleted scenes and bonus video!

Amanda confessed to Cassie that she'd tried on 150 gowns over the course of 15-20 appointments. She came to Bridals by Lori to find The Dress. Her maid of honor Sarah said, "We're sort of over the whole process." Even Amanda admitted that searching for a dress wasn't fun anymore.

Cassie started with some promising choices -- fitted silhouettes that complemented the bride's petite frame, sweetheart necklines and pretty jeweled accents around her waist. But Amanda wasn't buying into any of them "150 percent." The fabric wasn't quite right, and in one, she thought her shoulders looked weird. After sitting in the dressing room for nearly half an hour, Amanda emerged empty-handed. "Sorry guys, I just can't," she said. The dress search would continue on another day, in another place.

Bride Melissa told Flo that she didn't want to be hot at her destination wedding in Costa Rica. She wanted a lightweight, flirty dress. Mom gave her a budget of $5,000, but Melissa preferred to spend around $1,500. And, she warned her consultant, "I do take a little while to make decisions."

For every dress that Flo pulled, Melissa analyzed a reason why it wouldn't work. No cap sleeves. The lining was too hot. Did she look pregnant? Finally, Flo found a winner in a romantic Judd Waddell gown. The only hitch was the $3,500 price tag. While Melissa considered her options, her entourage waited patiently. And waited and waited. "We need to make a decision, or we need to go home," Mom said. While Robin and Flo lingered after the store closed, Melissa worked up her nerve to try on one last dress. And it was the one! "I can't believe I bought a wedding dress!" Melissa said. "I feel beautiful, I feel like myself."

"I'm a bride with wandering eyes," Stephanie confessed. Having doubts about her wedding dress, Stephanie was back to see what other options she had weeks away from her wedding. The one she'd purchased at Bridals by Lori was actually dress No. 2 -- her mother-in-law hadn't been a big fan of dress No. 1, so the bride picked a different gown. Would she actually buy three dresses?

Lori wasn't having it. "What's she gonna do with the other two?" she asked. Her solution was to put Stephanie in her dress and remind her why she'd fallen in love with it. It wasn't gown remorse -- it was just bridal nerves. On her wedding day, Stephanie looked gorgeous.

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Amanda isn't 150 percent sure that this is the dress for her. (Credit: DCL)

This Dress Is My Boyfriend


Say-yes-atlanta-209-lindsay-blog Wedding season is in full swing in Atlanta! Watch video from the show, get wedding advice from Monte, and hear what this season's brides had to say after their TV appearances.   

If Yasmine was hoping to make Say Yes to the Dress history, she certainly did! We'll always remember her as the bride who brought her fiance's ex-girlfriend shopping. Yasmine's appointment was on shaky ground from the start. There was the ex in tow, as well as some confusion about budget. Yasmine wanted to spend $5,000, but her fiance hoped she'd spend $1,500. Cindy forged ahead with the bigger budget in mind because the bride asked for luxurious fabrics.

This was a beautiful fashionista who knew her stuff! She was feeling good in dress No. 1 until the ex said, "You don't look good in the dress." Gulp. Dress No. 2, a silk taffeta ball gown, got low marks from the ex, too. Cindy pointed out that Yasmine was losing her glow and energy. Lori stepped into deliver dress No. 6. When she looked in the mirror, Yasmine teared up. "I think I look good in it."

When she modeled it for her entourage, everyone was breathless. Was it the one ... and did it come with an affordable price tag? Lori explained that the dress was on sale for $2,000, and everyone cheered for the bride.

Lindsay from Louisiana wanted a Lazaro gown. (Say that 10 times fast!) She'd been carrying around a picture of the dress in her purse for months. Lindsay joked that she had a relationship with this dress, like it was her boyfriend. "I cannot wait to try this dress on," she said. As consultant Flo zipped it up, Lindsay was shaking with excitement. See the dress in this video!

Mom thought it was very romantic, but Lindsay started playing hard to get. Did she really love the dress as much as she thought she would? She tried on a few more styles, including a low-cut A-line gown that Mom thought was too revealing, and a slim-fitting lace dress. It was between dress No. 1 and dress No. 3. "I'm terrified to make the wrong decision," Lindsay said. All it took was a twirl on the runway to realize that dress No. 1 was also No. 1 in her heart. Yay for the boyfriend dress!

In the alterations department, Tracy and her mom were admiring her surprise dress. She wanted something short, but her fiance wanted her to wear a traditional long dress, so the bride compromised. The dress she chose zipped off at the bottom to convert into a short party dress! When she showed her groom the surprise fashion twist on their wedding day, he was all smiles. It's like our relationship, he explained -- all about compromises!

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It's not the boyfriend dress, but it is an awfully pretty one! (Credit: DCL)











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