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Ah, Krystle. Was ever there a Bridesmaids manager so wise? She warned her staff at the beginning of the day, "Don't get yourself overwhelmed because then you just lose that positive energy." Important to remember because there were some TOUGH appointments in store.

First up, Brandon met destination bride Jovon and her bridal party. Bridesman Baybay had been dressing in drag for four years, but we suspect this was his first bridesman gig. He was concerned about finding a dress that would flatter his figure and not read too mother of the bride. Oh -- and Jovon wanted each of her 'maids in a different, royal blue, short dress. Brandon assessed the situation as ""

Our seasoned consultant was sure of one thing: One dress was enough for this crew. With three different styles (and one on a drag queen), no one would be looking at the bride. When Brandon found a dress that all three bridesmaids approved of, we thought the battle was over. But Jovon held tightly to her vision. She wanted three different dresses, and she would find them. So, she said yes to the one dress for her maid of honor. And for the bridesmaid and bridesman, the search continued off-camera.

Ashley found herself in the middle of friendly competition. Her bride, Cynthia, and bridesmaids met at Florida State running track. And forgive the pun when we say this appointment was on the fast track to chaos.

Bold bridesmaid Courtney was self-conscious about her athletic figure and was more focused on pulling  a dress that would play up her body than being a team player. "I will not walk out paying for a dress I don't like," she declared. It was drama, drama, drama when Courtney found a dress that the maids of honor liked. How dare they claim it when it was her find?

Ashley's solution was to put Courtney in the dress she picked and the maids of honor in a similar dress by the same designer. It had a similar look and feel, and Cynthia was just happy everyone else was happy. Phew. That's how we work as a team, ladies.

Monique was in fittings with her nine bridesmaids to see their gowns for the first time. She was nervous because she'd picked the color off a tiny swatch and wasn't sure how it would look in full form. And...she had every reason to be worked up. It wasn't really raspberry -- it was more like purple. "The color's pretty, but it doesn't match the decor," Monique said. Some clear-headed thinking saved the day. The bride simply added some purple accents to her wedding decor, and no guest was the wiser.

You say raspberry, we say purple! Monique's bridal party is dressed to impress. (Credit: DCL)











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