A Happily-Ever-After Kind of Catch


Space needleWe've seen our share of celebrity brides on Say Yes to the Dress! Remember when Dancing with the Stars' Karina Smirnoff visited Bridals by Lori? Or when American Chopper star Paul Teutul Jr. accompanied his fiancee, Rachael, to Kleinfeld?

This weekend, we're toasting Jake Anderson of Deadliest Catch and his fiancee, Jenna, as they say "I do." Jenna tells TLC about being engaged to a fisherman, what it's like planning a wedding with her man away, and, of course, she gives us details about the big event!

TLC: How did Jake propose?
Jenna: We were in Kauai for my family reunion, and Jake told me he wanted to take me for a drive up to Waimea Canyon, just to give me a kiss. A year before, we had gone to Waimea Canyon and had both been in awe of its natural beauty and the immensity of its size.
    It was nearing sunset and we arrived to the lookout point before dusk, up high in the clouds and no one else around. We began kissing and hugging each other, appreciating being away from the family for a moment, and he began to tell me how much he loved me and how wonderful the previous 3 years had been.
    As he was doing this, I began shaking and praying to myself, "I really hope he's about to propose." Before I knew it, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I screamed with excitement, saying "Yes, yes, of course I will, I love you!" I jumped on him, not even giving him the opportunity to pull out the ring. 
    When he finally got the ring out, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It was about as perfect and romantic as I could have imagined.

Ring shotTLC: What's it like being engaged to one of the Deadliest Catch fishermen?
Jenna: Well, it's always an adventure. Being engaged to Jake and having been with him for nearly 4 years, I have met incredible people whom I have grown close to. I have been able to travel and meet so
many wonderful people/fans.
    Jake is a family man, loving, caring and driven; him being on Deadliest Catch is really just a neat perk that keeps our lives exciting and allows us to give back to the community in positive ways when he is home. It's always fun to watch him get recognized too when we are out and about -- it's an interesting
reality to be with someone who is on tv.

TLC: What has been the hardest part about planning a wedding with Jake away? And what's been the biggest perk?
Jenna: Planning the wedding with Jake gone fishing has been challenging in that I have had to learn to make big decisions without consulting him, as well as taking on the tasks which he had chosen to complete.
    Making sure the things he wanted for the wedding were done correctly has been a major stressor. Not to mention not knowing when he is coming home from fishing makes it all a little more challenging!
    On the flip side, the biggest perk is that in reality, planning all this stressed him out (as it did me), so I only had to deal with my stress! I have had an incredible amount of help and support from my mom, sisters, friends and Jake's family, so it has made it all much easier.

BridesmaiddressTLC: What advice would you give other brides who are planning their weddings while their fiances are away?
Jenna: Be ready to make decisions on your own, and remember it's going to turn out just perfect. Utilize family and friends, too.

TLC: Any wedding details you can share with us? Will there be crabs on the wedding menu?
Jenna: There are a few guys from the Northwestern that are in the wedding party, but I'll leave the details as a surprise. Our accent color is a deep purple -- most everything is black and white with a hint of purple incorporated in there somewhere. As far as having crab on the menu, we will have crab cakes, but not crab legs.

TLC: Did any TLC wedding shows help you with the planning process?
Jenna: I'm not an avid watcher of wedding shows, but what I did learn from Say Yes to the Dress was don't bring people with me when dress shopping who are going to give tasteless and unconstructive criticism. I have a hard enough time shopping.

TLC: Have you made honeymoon plans?
Jenna: Our hope is to get away to Hawaii for 10 to 14 days, or to the Bahamas. But, we have to wait and see what we can plan when Jake gets home and we know more about his fishing schedule.

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All photos courtesy Jenna Patterson. The happy couple at the Space Needle, a glimpse of Jenna's gorgeous engagement ring, and a sneak peek of the bridesmaid dresses!











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