When Fate Steps In


Say-yes-atlanta-318-maranda-w-9-blogMissed Friday's finale? You can meet unforgettable bride Maranda here! And go behind the scenes of the show with these videos, while toasting the season with all our fabulous Season 3 brides. Get dress inspiration from our wedding dress slideshows, too!

This was a first for Robin. She greeted a bride who informed her she was getting married in just eight days to a guy she'd never laid eyes on. Only an untraditional gown would do for Maranda. Obviously!

Monte was a little shocked by the scenario. "You've never touched? Never kissed?" he asked. What kind of bride meets her dress before she meets the groom? Robin, Lori and Monte tackled this interesting case together, starting with a unique beaded ivory fit and flare. "I like it, but we ain't done," Maranda said. She didn't like the train or the color. At this moment, she informed the team that she wanted a silver dress. "I want to feel like a bride, but in my own way," she exlained.

So, it was down to the bridesmaids department, where Robin pulled some silver selections. They looked great on the bride, but her mom and sister thought they weren't quite special enough. She'd blend in with the rest of the guests in that color, they said. Lori had a flash of inspiration. She had a one-of-a-kind designer sample that no one had ever tried on. And she thought it might be just perfect for Maranda.

As soon as Maranda laid eyes on the shocking red dress, she knew that was it. "Wow. This is gorgeous," she said. "That's exactly what I was going for." It impressed her entourage, too. "This is you, 100 percent," her sister said. In a twist as fateful as her marriage, the dress fit perfectly, too -- no alterations needed. Congratulations to a very unique and special bride!

Miah, another pageant queen, was on the search for the perfect, non-pageanty gown. And like some of the other pageant brides we've seen this season, she had a very opinionated mother. From the start, her mother was critical of the selections hanging on the racks. She pulled some dresses for Miah, and Miah chose a handful of her own.

Dress No. 1 was a full-length beaded ivory gown that Cindy zipped her into. "This tops everything that I've tried on so far," Miah told Cindy. But her mom immediately declared it too pageant. Monte went in the opposite direction for Dress No. 2 -- simple silk, with no pageant glam or glitz in sight. In this dress, Miah felt bridal and very emotional. "I'm getting married in six months, and it just hit me like a freight train," Miah said. Her mother deemed it too simple, though.

One more try! The last gown is always the best, isn't it? And Miah was shocked to learn that her mother had chosen this one. Everyone was really happy with the bride's choice, but mostly they seemed relieved that she'd found a dress that pleased the whole group -- even the toughest judge.

Don't stray too far from the TV! Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta may be over for the season, but an all-new season of Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids begins Friday!











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