Cheap Dress, Please!


Bridesmaids-204-natalie-3-blogGo behind the scenes at Bridals by Lori with these videos! And flip through photos of dresses featured on the show.

When a bridesmaid has an agenda, it can ruin the appointment for everyone. That's what brides Ramona and Summer were up against Friday night.

Planning her Diamonds and Pearls-themed wedding, Ramona was really leaning on her bridesmaids. With her fiance in Iraq, it wasn't exactly easy doing it on her own. Her sister and maid of honor, Tawana, knew that elegant but nontraditional dresses in shades of purple were the perfect fit for Ramona's vision. But bridesmaid Addie was more concerned about, well, her boobs. "I know my problem area," she confessed. "I'm busty. I would not like for my boobs to hang out."

OK, so modesty was a big concern. And we respect that. But Addie was letting her girls get in the way of decision-making. Each dress she saw, she was quick to dismiss as too revealing. When Brandon took her style in the opposite direction, putting her in a more conservative dress, she complained that her look was too churchy. Finally, Lori put Addie in her place. "Every dress can be altered for a better fit. Addie just needs to suck it up." And Ramona said yes to a sassy but classy one-shoulder dress.

Summer was a bride with a plan. For her wedding ceremony in a cathedral, she knew a long, formal dress was the way to go. But her bridesmaids were firm that they would pay no more than $200 for a dress. With most long dresses at a price point of $250 and up, Lori could quickly see this appointment would be a problem.

The first round of dresses fell flat. Some bridesmaids liked that the gowns were "cheap," but the bride thought they were all too plain. So, consultant Stacey took a chance and pulled some chiffon gowns slightly over budget. Summer fell for an elegant, Grecian-inspired gown with a price tag of $206. Shockingly, that was a deal-breaker. Stacey was dumbfounded. A $6 dealbreaker? Really? "I'm starting to think that maybe we should downgrade to something cheaper," Summer said.

Her friends rallied and realized that they were making their best friend feel guilty. It was her wedding, after all. And since they'd said yes to being in her bridal party, it was -- in Lori's immortal words -- time to pay up or shut up.

Down in fittings, Kodi had just four days until altar-time to make sure her girls were ready. Could Bridals by Lori work that quickly to ensure every girl a perfect fit? It wasn't easy -- and it wasn't until the wedding day in some cases -- but every bridesmaid got the fit she needed. Go, bridesmaids!

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The Grecian dress Summer fell for is the one in the middle! (Credit: DCL)











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