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Say-yes-710-ashley-walker-the-dress-blogYou can get all the dress drama you want, any day at any hour! Check out our Season 7 playlist -- including an introduction to big-budget bride Tamika. And see pictures of all the dresses featured on the show right here.

Ashley was getting married at Disney World and wanted a dress that said "I'm a sexy princess." As soon as she walked into the salon, she saw a bride wearing The Dress -- and it was up to consultant Christiane to track it down. In the meantime, Christiane started the bride with some beaded ball gowns, but none lived up to her expectations. So, she sped off to scout the dress.

When Christiane found the ball gown in question, she saw instantly that at $10,100, it was a good bit over Ashley's $7,500 budget. Would her mom be willing to pay up? As soon as her mom saw Ashley in the dress, she knew how badly her daughter wanted it. And with a Pnina Tornai trunk show promotion dropping the price of the gown to $8,888, it was a no-brainer. Of course Mom would pay! That is, if the bride would beg a little bit.

"Say 'Mommy, I want this dress' in your sweetest voice," Ashley's mom teased. The bride obliged. (Wouldn't you?!)

New consultant Jillian met bride Tamika, who'd brought the typical entourage -- plus a stylist and a wedding planner. For her high-profile wedding at the St. Regis, the NFL bride required two dresses. She said her budget was $6,000, but she'd be willing to spend more to get what she really wanted. 

And her event planner, Akeem, knew precisely what that was. "I know exactly what my client wants," he said. He helped Jillian pull from the racks and brought the bride an armful of dresses. Nothing had the kind of volume and drama she really wanted. Then, Akeem spied a showstopping dress on the sales floor. Jillian pointed out that it was a $25,000 dress, but he was insistent that Tamika try it on.

Randy got a little concerned at this point. That was nearly 4 times the bride's budget! Amazingly, the bride agreed to pay up for the dress -- and even consented to try on and purchase a reception dress with a $15,600 price tag. It was a record sale for Jillian, and a super-fast appointment. This time, it really paid to listen to the bride's entourage.

Down in fittings, Sandra was anxious to see her one-of-a-kind gown. It was a tea-length satin A-line dress with six layers of rainbow colored tulle. Sandra's friend Stevi, a fashion plate, was along to critique the dress and accessories. The big no-go in Stevi's book were the bride's teal shoes. They didn't match the dress. It took some time, but the duo finally narrowed the bride's selection to a knockout pair of red pumps.

On her wedding day, with the red pumps and white heart-shaped sunglasses, Sandra looked like no bride we've ever seen before on Say Yes!

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