The Bride Wore Blush


Say-yes-702-norah-haddad-blog Meet bride Norah in this video -- and watch more memorable moments from the show right here!

My wedding will be very big, bride Norah explained. Out of the 350 guests in attendance at her wedding in Chicago, more than half would be from her family. For the Jordanian/French celebration, Norah's fiance would be paying for her gown. It's tradition, she explained. This bride wanted something sexy and princessy, but her mother had the final say.

Consultant Sarah could see the bride becoming more and more frustrated as her very vocal entourage put down her choices. "You look like a cake topper." "It looks like material threw up at the bottom of the dress." Ouch, right? Even when Norah explained she loved a certain dress, it still got trashed. "I think it broke her heart a little," Sarah said.

Norah's brother came back into the dressing room to have a heart to heart with his sister. We've been too hard on you, he admitted -- the dress choice was hers, and they were there to support her. So, the entourage had a change of heart? Not quite. Norah still couldn't get unanimous votes for her gown, so she left Kleinfeld.

Antonella had a feisty entourage on her hands, too. Shenelle came with her fashionista friends in tow, and though they all knew what the bride wanted (a blush-colored mermaid gown), they pulled a bunch of random dresses for Shenelle and insisted she try them on. (When does that tactic ever work? Let the consultant do her job!) Antonella exercised incredible patience as she sifted through the entourage's choices, but then it was time to get down to business.

Randy stepped in to assist. It was no easy task to get a dress in the right color with the right sihouette at the right price. So, he took a risk. He pulled a full-skirted blush ball gown with flowers at the waist. What would the bride think? Her style was edgy and sexy, and this dress was so ... well, girly.

Shockingly, she LOVED it! "I feel like a cupcake!" she said. "It makes me smile." The dress was happy, girly and fun, Shenelle said, and above all, that's what she wanted her wedding to be about: fun!

In alterations, our favorite rockstar bride from last season, Virginia, was back. She'd fallen for a short, sheer Pnina Tornai gown, but the dress she saw in the dressing room just didn't look like it. The skirt was too stiff, and it seemed longer than she remembered. Her future mother-in-law wasn't buying it either. The two were sure it wasn't the same dress, but it was Vera to the rescue with a picture to prove that, yes, in fact it was the same dress. Because it was brand-new, the skirt was awfully stiff, but she'd be able to steam it and shorten it to get the flair Virginia craved.

At her second alterations appointment, the beautiful bride was all smiles. It came out just the way she wanted it to! On her wedding day, Virginia made a stunning bride. Congratulations!

What did you think of Shenelle's blush gown? Would you ever wear blush instead of white? Leave your comments below!

Norah couldn't please her tough entourage. (Credit: DCL)











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