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There's no business like show business, especially when your friends are in the theater world. Bride Amy had a very dramatic group of friends who accompanied her to Kleinfeld. These weren't starving artists, either -- they were encouraging her to go above and beyond her $3,500 budget! Amy had bought a dress when she visited the store with her mom, but she regretted the purchase almost instantly. It just wasn't her style. For her Old Hollywood-themed wedding in Beverly Hills, she wanted something vintage and sexy. She found two options: one at $5,600, and one closer to her $3,500 budget. Sensibly, Amy said that she'd choose the dress that was more affordable. "The dress is stunning, and it's in my price range," she explained. But her friends wouldn't be satisfied with that logic. "If you don't get, you'll regret," one of her friends argued in favor of the more expensive dress. In the end, Amy splurged on that one.

Tara admitted to Dianne that she'd already been to five or six stores in search of the perfect gown. "I'm a perfectionist," she confessed. And that perfect gown had to show off her athleticism. As a fitness pro marrying another fitness pro, Tara takes great pride in her appearance...and in her tan! Tara tried on a few styles, but she was haunted by the sight of a sheer corseted Pnina gown that seemed to be speaking to her. Dianna sympathized with the bride, saying that it was Tara's gown -- just not in her price range. "I wanna try on the one I can't afford," Tara said, but this bride was a smart cookie and didn't fall prey to the lure of the out-of-budget dress. Dianne convinced the bride to take some time to think about what kind of dress she wants and the budget she has to work with and come back another day. 

Dancer/Pilates instructor Lisa came to the salon with her mom and a budget of $2,000. She also came with a vision of a beaded A-line Eve of Milady gown she'd seen in a magazine. Because it was $4,000, she started by trying on styles she could afford. But everyone agreed that she needed something with a little more sparkle. Consultant Sarah asked Mom if Lisa should try on the expensive gown, and her mom said yes. When she saw Lisa in it, she tearfully said, "I absolutely know this is the right dress for my daughter." Mom explained that her mother borrowed her wedding gown, and she'd gotten hers off a sale rack, so it was important that Lisa have the one she really wanted. And Mom agreed to pay double her original budget for the dress.

Brides and bride veterans, if you found the perfect dress, would you double your gown budget to purchase it? Leave your comments below, and get the latest from us on our TLC Weddings and "Say Yes to the Dress" Facebook pages, as well as Twitter.

Bride Tara isn't as impressed with any of these gowns as she is by the one she can't afford. (Credit: DCL)











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