The Comforter and the Critic


Say-yes-609-jesyca-westbrook-the-dress-blog [Season 6 of "Say Yes to the Dress" is in full swing! Watch our favorite clips in the official playlist.]

On Friday night's episode of "Say Yes," the theme was moms who wanted to downplay their daughters' sophistication. Now, we can't blame any mom for wanting her daugher to stay a little girl forever. But we do generally side with the bride ... and when the bride wants a va-va-voom mermaid silhouette while the mom wants a ball gown, there's bound to be some dressing room drama.

Memphis bride Jesyca pointed out that her mom can be her biggest supporter and her biggest critic. While Jesyca wanted to look like a stylish city bride on her wedding day, her mom wanted her "baby" to look like a princess. Mom made it clear from the start that a mermaid silhouette was not her idea of a proper wedding gown style. That's a party dress, Mom argued, and Jesyca needed to look like a bride. While Mom pointed out Jesyca's supposed "flaws" in each dress she tried on, Dianne was plotting to get the bride in a dress with a full train and sexy shape to meet everyone's expectations. Jesyca modeled that dress for her mom and friend, and she said, "I knew I'd found the one when both of them couldn't stop smiling."

Duvae, a 19-year-old bride from Utah, explained to consultant JB that her namesake is "duvet" because her parents knew she'd be a comforter in their lives. But Duvae's announcement that she wanted a form-fitting gown wasn't exactly a comfort to her mom. Because Duvae was having a Mormon wedding ceremony, the dress would need sleeves and a high neckline. But to lend an air of sophistication to the modest style, Duvae was insisting on a mermaid silhouette. Mom, on the other hand, wanted Duvae to wear a ball gown. Honestly, we liked all the styles Duvae tried on. We loved the first dress paired with the silk sash and lace bolero. We liked the flirty ball gown with the bubble hem. And we liked the champange-colored dress that Duvae fell in love with. When she put on that dress, she said, "I expected my mom to maybe cry or be excited." Mom didn't like her baby in any color but white, though, so Duvae left without a dress.

Down in fittings, bride Sarah, who had an unforgettable proposal at Kleinfeld, was showing her mom her dress for the first time. Sarah had splurged on her dream dress, which came with a price tag of $11,000. It was a big purchase, she admitted, but she wanted to look like a princess on her wedding day. Would Mom like it? Of course! Sarah's big reveal had Mom in tears. She said, sniffling, "Seeing her in her dress ... it's overwhelming."

Brides and bride veterans, what would you say to silence an overly critical mom at your dress appointment? Leave you comments below, and be sure to check in with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Bride Jesyca tries to sell mom on sexy silhouettes. (Credit: DCL)











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