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Say-yes-607-kiki-kabouris-2-blog [You can catch the highlights from the latest episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" on our season six playlist.]

We get to know the Kleinfeld consultants a little more each week when a new episode of "Say Yes" premieres. Their emotions were apparent on Friday night. Let's take a look at each bride through the consultants' eyes.

Debbie: Debbie worked with Michelle, a bride from Toronto who came to Kleinfeld to see the Pnina Tornai collection.
    Michelle told Debbie she had an unlimited budget, but when the bride fell in love with a dress, she realized that she didn't want to pay $14,000 for it. Then, Michelle revealed that she liked another style that retailed for $1,549.
    Debbie became visibly upset; after all, she'd tailored the appointment to showcase Pnina's gowns and assumed that the bride had done her research and knew what the designer's gowns cost. Working to please a bride with couture tastes who wanted exquisite beadwork, high-end fabrics and unique silhouettes, Debbie passed over gowns that might've appealed to the bride's more practical sensibilities. From what we could tell, Debbie felt misled by her client, who left without a dress.

Dianne: Dianne's client was Kiki, a Southern bride with a strict $5,000 budget.
    A smart shopper, Kiki asked Dianne about the trunk show promotion taking place. Dianne pulled gowns by those designers to suit the bride's Southern-wedding-Greek-style aesthetic; the dress Kiki fell in love with retailed for $6,000.
    Kiki was surprised by the price -- after all, she'd made it clear what her budget was. With the trunk show promotion, the price was still over her budget at $5,200. Dianne was confused by Kiki's resistance. She loved the dress ... and a bride willing to spend $5,000 on a wedding gown wouldn't let an excess of $200 stand in the way of her dream dress, right?
    This bride came for a deal and intended to get it, so Dianne worked to secure extra discounts in the way of two alterations and a complimentary veil from the designer. Kiki said yes to the dress, and Dianne's risk paid off.

Audrey: Audrey had a unique client. Lillian and her husband, Kevin, an injured veteran, were being given a wedding by the Christmas Can Cure organization. The organization's representative explained that they had a $2,000 budget for the dress.
    Lillian's mom wanted to see her princess in a ballgown, and finding a full-skirted dress with plenty of embellishments at that price point wasn't easy. At last, Audrey found on that (almost) fit the bill: It looked gorgeous on the bride, but it was $900 over budget. Audrey proclaimed, "If I had to beg, borrow or steal, I would've made it my business that she have [that dress]."
    Luckily, she didn't have to resort to those tactics. She got permission to sell the dress for $1,599. And Audrey and Randy picked up the cost of the headpiece and the veil as a gift to the bride.
    It was an emotional appointment for Audrey; she was overcome by Kevin's positive attitude, despite having been through 34 surgeries as a result of war injuries. When Kevin excused himself from the appointment so that he could be surprised on his wedding day, Audrey remarked that his sensitivity was incredible.
    Our best wishes to Lillian and Kevin!

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Bride Kiki wants a dreamy dress at a fair price. (Credit: DCL)











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