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Say-yes-603-syndal-gorden-blog [Get your fill of fabulous "Say Yes to the Dress" moments with video clips from the show! The video we TLC editors can't stop watching this week? Bride Kristy's explanation of a pirate dress.]

We've seen our share of bridal entourages at Kleinfeld, but the Yankee wives were a first! How could you not love this fashionista-knows-best group -- especially when they popped open a bottle of champagne in the bathroom? Bride Syndal was the new inductee into the Lady Yankee dynasty, and the wives were determined to make sure she got an appropriate dress for a celebrity wedding. With an unlimited budget, consultant Audrey was off to find a blingy dress that didn't give the bride armpit boob or crazy cleavage. Syndal's style was a little different from her entourage's, though. She was after timelessness and sophistication. The wives were speechless when they saw the gown she was eyeing. "You want a plain dress?" they asked. You've got to love an honest group of friends. They told Syndal that the crowd would be dressier than her if she didn't choose an embellished ball gown. "Everybody looks up to the Yankees and their wives for style, and I trust them," Syndal said. In the end, with the team gunning for the first dress, Syndal got on board.

Sarah, a law student with conservative style, was after something elegant with a natural waist and constructed from natural fabrics. And since she wanted some pictures of her sitting in the vineyards in the gown, it had to look good sitting, too. Ever the serious student, she equipped members of her entourage with notebooks and pens so they could write down their reactions to the dresses. Sarah quickly realized the less dress, the better. Her frame was easily swallowed by fabric, so she needed a simple silhouette. Dress No. 2 delivered! With a soft tulle skirt and sweetheart neckline, Sarah looked perfect for her outdoor venue.

In fittings, bride Danielle was back to try on her dream dress. But the active bride had dropped serious pounds before the wedding, and it was way too big! Of course, that's never a problem for the Kleinfeld alterations team. They sized the gown, and it fit like a glove on Danielle's wedding day. The excited bride shouted, "I'm so ready to get this party started!" We love your energy, Danielle!

What did you think of Syndal's choice? Do you agree with the Yankee wives about the bigger, blingy gown, or do you think she should've gone with the simpler one? Leave your comments below, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Syndal is a little doubtful about the big ball gown. (Credit: DCL)











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