Here Comes the Bird -- Ahem, Bride


Say-yes-601-kristy-tam-blog It's not easy pleasing a Daddy's girl. Nor is it easy finding a wedding dress worthy of a sexy, swashbuckling pirate. But the Kleinfeld consultants came to the rescue of three brides in need of glitz, glamour and a good fit.

Bride Kristy took consultant Debbie by surprise when she told her that she wanted to look like a pirate on her wedding day. We quickly determined that by "pirate," she meant "sexy corset." Kristy's friends explained that her big personality needed a big, jaw-droppingly hot wedding dress. After all, she's marrying her boss's boss's boss. People expect to be shocked on her wedding day. Debbie is a total expert, and she nailed the look of "sparkle explosion" on the first try. The hitch? Kristy's friends thought she needed "more pirate hooker." What to do when the consultant and your friends interpret your look in such different ways? After all, as Kristy's maid of honor put it, "The consultant's known her for 10 minutes. I've known her for 17 years." The final word has to come from the bride, and Kristy chose the gown she felt fabulous in, even if her friends didn't think it was the showstopping number she really needed.

Laura's dream wedding gown was a tightly fitted, shapely dress. Her dad's dream wedding gown for his daughter was her mother's dress. No way was Laura going to wear something so outdated -- not even with Dad's $2,000 offer for doing so! Dad realized he was going to have to pay for a new dress, so he suggested a couple of wedding day looks that might work for Laura. The nun style: high collar, low hem, zero sex appeal. The chicken farmer's granddaughter look: feathers, feathers, feathers! Laura's response? "Daddy, no!" She fell (hard!) for the first dress she tried on, which shocked her. Shouldn't she shop around? What if there was something else out there? Consultant Jessica put it simply, "She feels beautiful, so what else is there to shop around for?" Laura said yes to a gorgeous dress at an attractive price point ($1,200) and ended up saving Dad some money.

Down in alterations, we met Donna, who explained, "I always do everything with a little flair." She wasn't kidding! She chose a total princessy pink Pnina ball gown for her wedding day. Randy pointed out, "You have to be confident to wear a sheer, pink Pnina." Donna pulled off the style beautifully and looked so happy on her wedding day. Congratulations, Donna!

If your dad offered you a wad of cash to wear your mom's dress, would you accept the offer? Leave your responses below, and be sure to keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter!

The perfect princessy pirate look? It is to Kristy! (Credit: DCL)











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