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Thanks to Steve Martin, we get it now: Weddings are an emotional time for Dad, too! Some dads hold back the tears until they walk their daughters down the aisle. And some shed a few in the bridal salon, as we saw in the latest episode of "Say Yes to the Dress."

First, we met Nichole, who lost 60 pounds for her dream wedding in the Virgin Islands. She was searching for a beachy, lightweight gown around $2,500 -- a simple request, except that this was one self-conscious bride! Nichole confessed that she hadn't worn a dress in two whole years. But with her family (including Dad, of course) and consultant Camille on her side, we knew we'd see her in the perfect gown. Dress No. 1 got struck down by Dad, who said: "Looks like she's got an erector set in the front." His humor was clearly an attempt to deal with an emotional situation; this bride and her father were very, very close. He wanted to see his beautiful daughter in something more feminine and refined. As he put it, "How do you wrap a package that's so valuable?" Dress No. 3 was the perfect wrapping for Dad. "It complements everything that's positive about her," he said, choking back tears. Bride, consultant and Dad were elated with the look. And wisely, Camille commented, "The dads really fall apart. And it seems the bigger they are, the harder they fall."

Next up was bride Nancy, whose entourage included Mom, Dad and a beloved uncle. Nancy explained that her parents divorced when she was young, but she's always had a fashion-forward shopping partner in Dad. Just one problem, though. Dad was steering Nancy toward the wrong silhouette! Dianne could see that this gorgeous girl was getting swallowed up in blinged-out ball gowns, but she let Dad take the reins for the first half of the appointment. Then, Dianne put Nancy in a more slim-fitting gown with a bejeweled bodice. Everyone loved this look -- but Nancy's uncle wanted to see something more elaborate, more glitzy, more princessy for his almost-daughter. Dianne agreed, and she set aside the reasonably priced gown for one dripping with Swarovski crystals. This one got a standing ovation! Nancy's worries about the more expensive gown were quelled when her uncle offered to pay the difference. What a fantastic family!

Down in alterations, we caught up with Michelle, who was trying on her Cinderella ball gown that she bought eight months ago. But this princess had a problem: Was the gown always this poofy? She had a huge laugh with her family about the ample skirt, and we loved this bride's sense of humor! She took it in stride when she learned that the sample she tried on in the salon had simply de-poofed over time and her new gown naturally had a little more volume. The solution was simple, too: The Kleinfeld experts removed a layer of crinoline. Presto, perfect!

Brides and bride veterans, who had a bigger influence on your dress decision: Mom or Dad? Leave your comments below, and check in with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Bride Michelle gets her poof problem solved at Kleinfeld. (Credit: DCL)











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