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On "Say Yes to the Dress," Nicole brings energy, positivity and a can-do attitude to any scene. It's no wonder she has so many fans among viewers! We've got the inside scoop with her.

TLC: As Director of Sales, what are your primary responsibilities? Do you consult with individual brides, or are you generally overseeing all the activity at the store?

Nicole: As Director of Sales my primary responsibilities are to run the sales floor, help consultants close sales, make sure brides are getting excellent service, consultant scheduling, and to lend a helping hand to both the consultants and brides in order to help them find their dream dress.

TLC: What's a typical day like at Kleinfeld when you're working versus a typical day when you're working AND being filmed for "Say Yes to the Dress"?

Nicole: A typical day at Kleinfeld doesn't differ much from a day when we are being filmed, except that there is a camera crew following your every move. I guess it takes some time to get used to, but by now I am totally used to it. However the beginning wasn't so easy especially when you forget they are right behind you!

TLC: You've been in the bridal business for years -- what trends have you been glad to see go out of fashion, and which ones have the staying power to be timeless?

Nicole: The trend I am so glad is gone are poufy sleeves. That was such a thing of the '80s and I could never picture it coming back. A true classic silhouette would be A-line, and lace will forever remain timeless.

TLC: Are there any brides from "Say Yes to the Dress" who are especially memorable to you? Who and why?

Nicole: One bride that will forever remain in my heart is Angelina Zito. As needy as she was, I never felt so important in my career. She needed my opinion, approval and nurturing to guide her to her special day. We became friends and still keep in touch.

TLC: What's the No. 1 thing you wish fans of the show knew about you?

Nicole: The one thing I wish the fans of the show knew about me would be that I too had my dream wedding, and went through the planning just like all of our brides. However, I loved my dress so much that it was the only one I ever laid eyes on. The perfect dress is like the perfect man, you know it once you see it!

Thanks to Nicole for her insight -- and stay tuned for more Q&As with your favorite Kleinfeld consultants. In the meantime, keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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