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Lori knows that a bride can be heavily influenced by the way her family thinks. But ultimately, the bride makes the final call on the bridesmaid dress. How did that play out Friday night?

Courtney met her bride, Jordan, in the lobby. Jordan explained that she'd been dating her fiance since junior high. Wow! Talk about long-term romance. She confessed that she has commitment issues to the wedding -- not her guy -- and she couldn't decide on a dress or a maid of honor. Courtney had one indecisive bride on her hands! Besides "short," Jordan couldn't say one thing she really wanted in a dress. What she could definitively say was that her mom was not being supportive of the marriage. But would Mom's disapproval keep her from finding a dress?

Lori started off the appointment by putting Jordan's bridesmaids in dresses that each featured a ruffle to give the collection a cohesive look. Jordan was confused by what she wanted. Did she like the different looks? Did she want short dresses -- or maybe long ones? She told her mom that her indecision about the marriage was causing her to waffle on what she wanted. "I really wish she would see what I want and just be happy for me," Jordan said.

Jordan explained that her mom was her only family, so she needed her by her side. But her mom's lack of support was keeping her from full-blown wedding planning. "If Jordan's mom doesn't get on board with the wedding, she's going to lose her daughter," Lori predicted. At last, Mom came around. "I'm happy that you're happy, and I'm going to accept this decision," she said. Jordan was able to say yes to her bridesmaid dresses -- and would the search continue for her own dress?

Ashley's bride Latishia was just 18 but had already found the man of her dreams. For her summertime theme, Latishia wanted bright, happy colors on her bridesmaids. While the bride was thinking short and sexy, her mom wasn't so sure that was appropriate for church. As a pastor, she wanted to see her daughter's bridesmaids dressed for the venue.

While the bride's mother and sister looked for long dresses, Latishia and Ashley pulled sexy short ones. And for the first round, Ashley put all the girls in long, glam gowns. But they weren't winning over the bride. She still wanted to see her girls in a short dress. Her sister's reaction to that? "Hush!" she said. "You don't need short dresses." Was this an issue of church-appropriate or one bridesmaid's insecurities? What a great sister -- Latishia said yes to the dress her sis felt most comfortable in.

Stacey greeted her bride, Michelle, who was planning a Southern wedding in Alabama. Her four bridesmaids were very special to her, she said, and they all needed to look beautiful on the wedding day. Michelle's bridesmaids would wear one dress; her matrons of honor would wear another. Michelle was overwhelmed by the wild options her girls chose, so Stacey dressed them in the bride's picks.

When all the girls fell for a charmeuse dress, Michelle worried she wouldn't be able to find a complementary gown in the same fabric. There was just one more in the store -- and "What were the odds that the other bridesmaids would like it?" Stacey asked. In a magical Say Yes moment, Michelle fell in love with it. "I'm so excited that they're happy, and they're going to look beautiful on the wedding day," Michelle said.

Jordan gets her first glimpse of wedding reality: bridesmaid dresses on her best friends! (Credit: DCL)











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