Marissa Recaps the Final Moments Before Her Big Win


Marissa-lopez-250x200What does it feel like to win the title of Next Great Baker? Marissa gives us the inside scoop!

TLC: What was your reaction to winning?
Marissa: I am ecstatic! You never think anything this big can happen to you! I was just a big ball of emotions! I wanted to cry, laugh, throw up! It still hasn't hit me.

TLC: Who would you say was your best NGB ally?
Marissa: Nadine without a doubt. I truly loved everyone on the show. OK, MOSTLY everyone, but Nadine became one of my good friends from day one! We still talk today!

TLC: What are your plans now?
Marissa: I thought I had everything all planned out the night that I won. I was going to run home, find a bakery, open it up and go from there. You realize there is so much more behind all of it that you need to come back down to reality. I realize that I have so much more to learn and figure out before I jump into that big step in life. Right now I am going to focus on learning as much as I possibly can from Buddy and his team, and I hope that it all works out with me working there. Then I will go from there. I will never change my plans, though. There will one day be a Delicious Treats in New Jersey.

TLC: What were your impressions of Buddy?
Marissa: At first I was scared to death of him. Here is the Cake Boss, getting ready to judge everything you do! But you come to realize that he is just this genuine person. Everything he says to us on and off camera comes from a better place. He wanted the best from us, and he pushed us with tough love. And I owe him a lot for teaching me the rights and wrong in cake decorating and baking.

TLC: Would you have done anything differently during the final challenge?
Marissa: The ONLY thing I would have changed in the final challenge was telling Frankie that we needed to push the cake back in the box truck. Ughh! Everything else, is what it is. I never want to go back and change anything. Everything happens for a reason!

TLC: Any last words for your fans?
Marissa: I want to just thank everyone who has supported me and everything I have done this season.  It's hard for people to understand where I come from with how I deal with stress and competition. But there are many who see that it's all out of determination and I just want to the best. I cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful comments and emails. It's just another step to me learning how to stop doubting myself with everything I do, and I thank you for being such a big part of a huge life change for me!

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