A Totes Exit Interview with Greggy


TLC: Is there someone you bonded with the most - and why?

Greggy: I've really grown to love everyone in the cast I have a connection with each and every one of them and they're some of the most faboo and f'amazing people I've ever met!

Jay-Bird and I are always make each other pee in our pants from laughter. He's the culprit to my new-found Southern Twang added to my or original valley-girl accent. Love you, Jay.

Pam-ster and I are totes the Asian invasion. Our chemistry is like no other. We're like Paris and Nicole. I'm Nicole, post chubby. ::wink::

Corina is my Lawwwwwng Guyland sexy housewife who can WERK it! One of the greatest personalities ever: very sweet, loving and generous.

Brian is totes my teddy bear/the next Duff. SO sweet and older brother-ish.

Dana is the nicest dude ever! He's my Chocolate Daddy!

Megan is exactly the way she looks on television, sweet and totes adorbs.

Joanna is SO much fun to be around. Love her! She's fun to talk to and she totes gets me when I talk about random/weird schtuff.

Kendra is mahhhhh gurrrrrrl. She's got sass and style like no other! She's really sweet and I could envision her being a really good school teacher.

Joe is ridiculously sweet. He always has some cray-cray stories, always loud and the life of the party.

TLC: Is there someone you bonded with the least?

Greggy: Some less than others, but all-in-all I've bonded with everyone. They're all lifelong friends to me.

TLC: Anything you want to say -- advice, wishes, etc. -- to those left in the competition?

Greggy: Have fun! Everything will be before and after this experience, so live it up!

TLC: How did you feel being in that box truck?

Greggy: I've seen some mean shows where the Chef yells at the cast etc., (which is totes fine) but to top it off with throwing someone in a box truck is a bit demeaning, don't ya think? I notice other reality shows put the cast member in a good light, once they're eliminated and show their journey of how they've grown throughout the show, their highlights etc. It's unfortunate there isn't any of that with this show. I really thought I was signing up for something good-hearted and something that could actually show my skills as an accomplished cake designer. Nonetheless, I'm grateful for this experience, the people I've met, and would totes do it again. :)

TLC: What are your plans for the urban cake boutique – can you give us an idea of what you’ll be featuring and what the shop will look like?

Greggy: I'm getting orders up the wazoo and could've really used that 50k the most. It's been a really tough time trying to get money for the shop and I want this SO bad. I've had this vision and business plan for years. I really need a place to call "home" where I can create magnificent cakes for clients. I'm on the hunt for someone willing to invest in me, so that I could open up my dream Cake Boutique. It's going to be very modern and chic. I would be specializing in custom-made cakes for fabulous sweet sixteens and upscale weddings.

I'm in the process of creating my brand. I'm currently developing a cake product line with fondant, cutters, edible glitters and fashion/makeup-inspired branding. I've also been working on a book for the past 3 years. It's a modern coffee table/art book with tons of images of my cakes with tips and tricks on cake design.

In the meantime, you can visit my YouTube channel (GreggySorianoCakes). You can also visit my website at www.cakelush.com. I will be selling limited edition urban, baking related toys like cupcake key chains, donut erasers and tons of funs stuff you could collect!

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