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14 Oct

NY Comic Con 2013: Where Punkin Chunkin meets mummified penises and the future!

Where can you see mummified penises, giant air canons that shoot pumpkins and bionic exoskeletons in action? The answer: Science panels at New York Comic Con!

This weekend, Science took New York Comic Con by storm for the third year in a row. And we know that many of fans can't be there first-hand, so here's your front row seat to the best of Science at New York Comic Con via photo galleries and video.

On Friday, the cast of "Oddities" brought sneak peeks of the new season, along with some of the other, ahem, "stars" of the show: an ancient mummified penis, a mummified head used for teaching medicine, a necklace made of fingers, and a very suggestive coconut. All of these can be seen by clicking here!

View photos from the Oddities panel »

Science Punkin Chunkers proved size does matter: A 50-foot-plus air cannon loomed large over the entrance to Comic Con all weekend. On Saturday, famous chunker Fat Jimmy joined Chunk founder Frank Shade and the MythBusters build team for a Punkin Chunkin Extravaganza. The audience was treated to some of the highlights from Chunks past, including the story behind the only fatality in Chunk history -- a mallard duck hit by a flying pumpkin. There were laughs, there was dancing on tables, and there were trebuchets! Take a look through all the photos by clicking here.

Punkin Chunkin
View photos from the Punkin Chunkin panel »

The final Science panel transported the audience into the future. Hosted by Academy Award-nominee James Woods, Science's new show "Futurescape" looks at the technology of the future -- and the ethical questions these technologies pose. On hand was Chris Tagatac who demonstrated exoskeleton technology by walking through the crowd on his own two (paralyzed!) legs. You can see it all by clicking here.

View photos from the Futurescape panel »

Thanks to all our Science fans who came out for our panels and for all of you at home supporting us, too!

Is there any part of the action we may have missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and share your photos with us via Twitter @ScienceChannel!


7 Feb

That is rather ODD...

These observations are things I have learned from our Oddities genre of programming:
  1. One can identify if a piece of "freak" taxidermy is real by feeling for seam lines
  2. It's not surprising for people into taxidermy & articulating to be vegetarians
  3. A Taphophile is someone who is passionate about cemeteries (e.g. gravestones)
Do you know what else is odd and very cool? The cast of Oddities and Oddities San Francisco are going to meet in person – true story! Here are some pictures of when the Executive Producer (Josh Berkley) and I went to Obscura and met everyone.

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15 Feb

Oddities at the Sirius XM Radio Freewheelin' Show

Joanne Schioppi (aka JoJo: the girl who is afraid of basements) is still getting set up with a blog account, but wanted to post about her day with Oddities' Mike and Evan at Sirius XM Satellite Radio interview for Freewheelin' with Meredith Ochs and Chris T. Here's what she had to say about her very "odd" Valentine's Day yesterday:

(left to right): Chris T., Evan Michelson, Mike Zohn and Meredith OchsThe ride up the elevator was slightly nerve-wrecking to say the least. Present were myself, Evan Michelson and Mike Zohn, stars of the SCIENCE show Oddities. Oh, and the ashes of Evan's dearly departed soul-mate, her cat Ambrose.

We were on our way to the Freewheelin' show at Sirius XM to meet with Chris T. and Meredith Ochs to and talk about 'Bizzare Love' this Valentine’s Day...Oddities style.

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