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17 Oct

Friday Fun: Skipping Stones on Frozen Lake Makes Awesome Sound

Skipping stones is a learned skill but once you've mastered the art of the skip, what happens when you try to skip a stone across a frozen body of water?

Cory Williams tried it and said of stones skipping across a frozen lake in Alaska, "This is the coolest sound I've ever heard!"

Karl Pilkington visited Alaska for 'An Idiot Abroad.' For more Friday fun, take a look at some of his adventures:
Whale Pops

What's A Honey Bucket?

Go For A Walk

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12 Oct

Enter the Master Control Core Where We Can Control All Networks!


 Here we are in my home -- the Master Control Core!  My name is Scotty Ham, and I’m one of the supervisors here at the Discovery Broadcast Center.  And yes, I'm a Brony.



So, here’s one of our Supe Stations that I work at daily.  I have the same abilities that each pod has and I can take control of any of our 13 networks in a matter of seconds if needed.  My main function out here is to troubleshoot the issues that operators find and come up with solutions and answers.  If we have content that is in question, whether it is a commercial with an incorrect phone number or a promo that advertises an incorrect time, I’ll pass that on to people like Darren in Encode who will correct it on their end and coordinate with us back here.  We also execute changes out here for content daily -- whether they are commercial or even program changes.  Our operators are the best in the business and make my job look easy.

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16 Feb

We Need Celebrity Gossip, STAT!

Jersey Shore CastI watch a lot of TV. So when I landed a marketing internship with Science for this semester, I was excited to learn how it all comes together. The shows, the commercials, the MORPH! I've only been here a couple of weeks. But I can already tell this isn't your typical coffee-fetching internship.

In between production meetings and creative briefs, I've read viewer comments and written the text for the lower-right corner of your screen. All in all, pretty normal stuff for a network marketing intern. But it wasn't long before I realized that you never know what to expect around here...

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3 Feb

The Sweet Taste of Success

An Idiot Abroad CakeSure, prostate exams are a fine way to celebrate ratings success... but we're a little more traditional around here when it comes to pats on the back. When the numbers came in for An Idiot Abroad's record-setting premiere, the team was treated to a massive (science word) cake courtesy of the company's CEO. Which was nice.

There was a bit of a wrestling match among some of the staff over who would get to eat Karl, but no one was hurt.

Tyler Korba
Marketing Supervising Producer

26 Jan

Record Ratings and a Prostate Exam

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant Wrap Karl Pilkington in Sheet PaperHave you heard the news?!?

Last weekend's premiere of An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List shattered previous ratings records for a new series on Science Channel with 1.3 million viewers! We've been working behind the scenes here at the network for months to make this show a breakout success. It is such an amazing feeling to see it do so incredibly well.

From the Hollywood Reporter: "'It's fantastic news. I won’t be satisfied until Karl is as big a phenomenon as Justin Bieber,' said Gervais."

We even got a shoutout from Perez Hilton: "According to the stats, the series has pulled in 4.3 million viewers since its January 22nd premiere, and is its most-watched to date among P25-54!Ha! Amazing! We'll definitely need to check it out! Congratulations, guys!"

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18 Oct

On the Set: An Idiot Abroad 2

In this case, the Idiot Abroad was me...flying to London with two members of our marketing team to shoot with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. As the new year approaches and we all anticipate seeing Karl accomplish all the "things to do before you die," we needed to get all the elements for an epic promotional campaign to do justice to this gem of a show.

What's it like being on set with Ricky Gervais? Simply put, it's f*$#ing hilarious.

Here's just a small bit of the footage we shot that day:

Overall, their ability to improvise, to mold and create comic genuis as they are on camera is second to none. Karl, as Karl is, continuously delivers for Ricky and Steve as they poke, prod and torment him throughout the shoot. The result is way too much comic gold to be contained in one video clip. But that doesn't mean we didn't try!

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