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22 Jul

Is The Yeti Real?

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.36.13 AMIs the Yeti a real creature roaming the mountains of Asia or is it a mythical beast akin to golems, gremlins and unicorns?

Tonight's episode of The Unexplained Files explores sightings both recent and historic to uncover the truth about the spine-chilling snowman.

Recent scientific analyses of hair purportedly belonging to both Bigfoot and the Yeti revealed that hair attributed to Bigfoot actually came from bears, wolves and humans -- but "hairs linked to the Yeti were determined to belong to a mysterious bear species that may not yet be known to science."

Could this unknown bear be the basis for the Yeti legend?

In 2013, a British geneticist linked hair samples from the Yeti to "a breed of Arctic bear that lived tens of thousands of years ago."

"Everyone in the Himalayas has no doubt that [Yetis] exist," Oxford University's Bryan Sykes told NBC News.

Is this video of a Yeti sighting real or an elaborate hoax?

Watch The Unexplained Files: The Yeti tonight at 10/9c on Science Channel.

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