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8 May

Flying Cars Move From Science Fiction to Present-Day Possibility

Tfx v03 farmland-WMMore than 50 years after "The Jetsons" brought flying cars into living rooms across America, the sci-fi fantasy transportation may be closer than ever to becoming reality.

Terrafugia, a Massachusetts-based company, has a mission "to combine driving and flying in a new and practical way." Its MIT-trained team has developed a car-plane hybrid called the TF-X, and it could completely change the automotive game.

"Don't think of it as a car that flies," Terrafugia CEO, CTO and co-founder Carl Dietrich told The Detroit Bureau. "Think of it as a plane that drives."

The TF-X concept is a four-seat hybrid car with wings; the promo video promises, "Just tell it where you want to go. It flies for you." Terrafugia claims the vehicle will be "statistically safer than driving a modern automobile."

With speeds up to 200 miles per hour, the TF-X has a range of 500 miles but requires as few as five hours of training -- and an owner won't even need to convert his or her driveway into a runway.

Take a look:

It wasn't so long ago that driverless cars were the hot new technology but compared to flying cars, they seem almost unremarkable now...

Would you test drive a flying car? Let us know!

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