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6 Mar

10 Percent Of Americans Say They've Seen A UFO -- Too Low? Too High?

Are We Alone Week is flying by!

Up tonight: more NASA's Unexplained Files. Many of the mysteries profiled on the series are strange sightings by astronauts stationed in space and in tonight's episode, the commander of the Space Shuttle Atlantis sees a mysterious object outside the window of the shuttle, something unlike "anything I've ever seen."


NASA later explained away this odd occurrence by saying the sighting was merely space debris, but a full 10 percent of Americans claim to have seen a UFO. Does this number seem low? Or high?


We hope that 10 percent -- and many more! -- will join us for tonight's all-new NASA's Unexplained Files at 10/9c. If you have a UFO story, please share it in the comments.

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