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11 Feb

Thomas Edison Invented Concrete Furniture, The One Thing We're Not Celebrating On His 167th Birthday

FB-happy-birthday-edison-500x500.jpgOn this date in 1847, one of America's most prolific and enterprising inventors and entrepreneurs was born in Milan, Ohio. By the time he died on October 18, 1931 at age 84, Thomas Edison had given the world some of its most prized technologies.

Among the inventions with which Thomas Edison is credited:

Edison also envisioned a world filled with all-concrete houses and concrete furniture, proving that even "The Wizard of Menlo Park" could have some misses along with his plentiful hits.

Some detractors argue Edison was less of an inventor and more of a modifier on existing ideas. Whatever the case, he was certainly a brilliant businessman whose legacy lives on just a powerfully today as the day he died.

Over on SCI2, we've found a video that sums up of the long life of Thomas Edison in just 3 minutes. Take a look and let us know what you think: Was Thomas Edison a genius inventor or just a shrewd capitalist?

One of Edison's lesser-known projects: the electric chair. Learn more:

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