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29 Jan

South Korea Is Building A Robot Theme Park And It Looks Awesome

Anyang, Robot Land! 2

The government of South Korea is reportedly renewing efforts to build the world's first robot theme park; scheduled to open in 2016, Robot Land will be located in Incheon, just west of Seoul.

Among its high-tech traits are a robot laboratory, a robot game arena and a robot aquarium. There will also be a water park and roller coasters because, let's face it, we all love those things.5

The park broke ground in December 2013, IEEE Spectrum reports, with an estimated development cost of 670.4 billion Korean won ($626.5 million USD).

It appears the design is evolving -- compare a 2007 mockup, above, with the 2009 design to the left. We have to admit: this all looks pretty incredible.

Check out this promo video and tell us what you think: Would you travel to South Korea to visit Robot Land?

Robot Land's grand opening may be a few years away but this blogger is putting her vote in for a very special episode of Strip the City once the park opens its doors. The new season of Strip the City premieres TONIGHT on the Science Channel, with new episodes every Wednesday night at 10/9c. How cool would it be for the Strip the City team to go beneath the world's first robot city?!

In the premiere episode, the team explores the hidden underground world of New York City. Here's a sneak peek at how engineers are storm-proofing NYC's subway system:

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