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2 Jan

New Year's Eve Was Colder In Canada Than On Mars

Today in "Baby, it's cold outside" news:

The daytime high on New Year's Eve in Winnipeg, Canada, was colder than the high on Mars, The Manitoba Museum shared on its Facebook page.

Or, as Time put it, "Winnipeg’s New Year’s Was Literally as Cold as a Barren Alien Wasteland."

From Facebook:

"According to the Curiosity Rover, Mars reached a maximum air temperature of -29°C today.  Winnipeg's high was -31°C."

And that doesn't even include wind chill, which made it feel as cold as -50° C. That's -58°F and -- breaking news -- that's pretty cold.

The Winnipeg Sun noted it was also colder in Manitoba's capital city than the North Pole, calling December 2013 the coldest December in Winnipeg since 1933:

"There has been a cooler New Year’s Eve on record, with the mercury dropping to -38.3 C on Dec. 31, 1884. But that is of little solace to most Winnipeggers enduring a cold that, with the windchill factored in, felt like -48 C."

The Mars Curiosity Rover posted a photo New Year's Day showing its current surroundings:

At the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica, the temperature hovered around -9 degrees Fahrenheit Thursday, Jan. 2. How cold is it where you live?

(h/t The Atlantic)

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