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20 Jan

'Aliens Exist' -- And New Research Takes Us Closer To Finding ET

"We live in a scientific renaissance... a golden age of technology where fictional possibilities give way to extraordinary discoveries." 

In Monday night's episode of Beyond the Wormhole, Morgan Freeman explores the idea that 'Aliens Exist' -- we just need to explore new methods of detecting and communicating with them.Fbookeinstein

Never before have humans had so many technological tools and scientific advancements with which to search for extraterrestrial life. From the Kepler space observatory, which is scanning the galaxy for planets capable of sustaining life, to telescopes that can detect other planets' atmospheres, we may be on the verge of solving the mystery of alien life.

For example, research published in the journal Nature in January 2014 announced that, using the Hubble Space Telescope, clouds had been detected on two distant extrasolar planets. Known as GJ 436b and GJ 1214b, these planets "are telling us something about the diversity of planet types that occur outside of our own solar system; in this case we are discovering we may not know them as well as we thought," researcher Heather Knutson said in a statement.

The researchers characterized their discovery as "an important milestone on the road to characterizing potentially habitable Earth-like worlds beyond the solar system."

Meanwhile at the SETI Institute, scientists are searching for the sounds of alien life. It may seem like a needle in a haystack but every once in a while comes an unexplained sound that may -- just may! -- end up unraveling the mystery of extraterrestrial existence.

Albert Einstein once said, "Your imagination is your preview to life’s coming attractions." With the imagination and curiosity of scientists, researchers and amateur astronomy enthusiasts around the world, we may be closer than ever to finding proof of alien life. 

Tell us what you think: When will we find proof of extraterrestrial beings?

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