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6 Dec

See the Latest Video and Images of Comet ISON

20131127_0807_c3_1024_sohoWhile NASA reports that most experts agree that Comet ISON was destroyed during its encounter with the Sun, they're still awaiting confirmation from several telescopes. But what we do know is that the comet had an epic journey.

Be sure to catch the story of ISON in our special presentation, Super Comet ISON 2013, Saturday at 10 PM E/P on Science.

NASA says they'll continue to monitor the comet for several weeks to see what remains.

ISON's solar rendezvous was captured by the NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO, spacecraft's C3 coronograph and other equipment, where you can see the comet round the Sun and begin to fade.

We'll continue to update the images as they become available. You can also check out a great round up on the Goddard Space Flight Center Multimedia page, and see amazing images in the Comet ISON Flickr pool.

NASA hosted a special Google Hangout to watch the comet's fly-by of the site, and near realtime images and movies from their Solar Dynamic Observatory spacecraft. They have a complete round up all their images and other coverage on a special Comet ISON page.

Earlier images from NASA's STEREO-A spacecraft:

This image from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory shows where the comet should have appeared after it rounded the sun (marked with a white plus sign). Click to zoom.




And click on this infographic for what experts believed to be the potential paths of ISON:

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