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20 Dec

2013's Most Awesome Astronaut Twitter Photos From Space Will Blow Your Mind

Astronauts have better Twitter pictures than you.

You: Tweet photos of dinner and take selfies in the bathroom mirror.

Astronauts: Tweet photos of typhoons from above and take selfies in space.

As the year draws to a close, we at rounded up 15 of our favorite astronaut Twitter photos from 2013. Check out our top picks and share your favorites in the comments section, on Facebook and on Twitter.

1.  Luca Parmitano's spacewalk selfie

2.  Karen Nyberg's shot of the southern lights

3.  Tom Marshburn's "unreal" photo over northern Africa

4. Chris Hadfield basically won Twitter this year with his out-of-this-world Twitpics

5. Rick Mastracchio honors Nelson Mandela from space

6. Mike Hopkins' one-of-a-kind view of Chicago

7. Koichi Wakata's sunrise snapshot of Mt. Fuji

8. Nyberg's memorable mountains moment

9. Just a guy hanging out

10. Hopkins' view of the Alps from a couple hundred miles up

11. The Nile's never looked so good

12. NASA shared this shot of a small-looking Soyuz

13. In space, Superman is real

14. A different view of the Grand Canyon

15. Tell it like it is, Chris Hadfield

Did we forget your favorite astronaut Twitter picture of the year? Tell us about it!

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