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8 Oct

"God Particle" Physicists Win Nobel Prize

Blog-peter-higgs-500wYes, we know the term "God Particle" is frowned upon by scientists and clergy alike, but that notion sure gets the mind thinking and dreaming, doesn't it?

It likely got physicists Peter Higgs of Britain (top photo) and Francois Englert of Belgium (second photo) inspired -- and now they have a Nobel Prize to show for it.

The Higgs boson was predicted to exist, by Higgs and Englert, in 1964 and theoretically proven this year by other scientists smashing protons into each other at the elaborate $10 billion Large Hadron Collider.

Blog-francois-englert-500wWhat is a Higgs boson? Think of it as a "sticky" particle that helps glue together other particles to create mass.


Check out our video playlist from a special episode of Through the Wormhole, where Morgan Freeman and top scientists help explain the impact of this discovery.


So, congratulations on the Nobel Prize, guys! It's a terrific acknowledgement of brilliant thinking.

But there are still problems (aren't there always) with the Standard Model theory of particle physics. Morgan Freeman explains the dark mystery that remains:

Check out Discovery News' coverage of the announcement and Higgs and Englert's 'impact" on particle physics.

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