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26 Sep

Mars Topsoil Contains Two Percent Water

Mars-rover-250-new-discoveryJust last week, data from the Mars Curiosity rover indicated that the Red Planet was missing methane — a gas that is often an indicator of microbial life. While the science community was disappointed by this news, NASA has new data to get us excited again. New findings published in the journal Science reveal that Mars topsoil contains a suprisingly high amount of water!

We've known about ancient riverbeds on the Martian surface and even ice just below the crust. Today's topsoil discovery, however, is huge for possible manned missions in the future.

"We now know there should be abundant, easily accessible water on Mars," said Laurie Leshin, Dean of Science at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. "When we send people, they could scoop up the soil anywhere on the surface, heat it just a bit, and obtain water."

Want to learn more about the discovery? Head on over to DNews for all the details.

Watch: ChemCam is just one of the tools on the Mars rover, but it almost didn't make the cut. Watch this video below to learn more about this amazing invention!

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