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5 Jul

Terra Nova's Stephen Lang is Hilarious in These All New Videos

For those of you who haven't heard, Terra Nova is coming to Science Channel for an all-day marathon on Sunday, July 7 starting at 10am. The series was produced by Stephen Spielberg and is the most expensive show ever made. To help us get the word out, our marketing team spent some time with actor and writer Stephen Lang to create some promotional videos. 

Most people think of Stephen Lang as the serious military man, like his role as Cmdr. Taylor on Terra Nova or Col. Miles Quaritch in the movie Avatar. But the truth is, he's actually hilarious! Don't believe it? Check out this mashup of his funniest moments from his time on camera with the Science Channel video crew.


Don't forget to catch the Terra Nova marathon Sunday, July 7 starting at 10AM, only on Science Channel.

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