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7 Feb

That is rather ODD...

These observations are things I have learned from our Oddities genre of programming:
  1. One can identify if a piece of "freak" taxidermy is real by feeling for seam lines
  2. It's not surprising for people into taxidermy & articulating to be vegetarians
  3. A Taphophile is someone who is passionate about cemeteries (e.g. gravestones)
Do you know what else is odd and very cool? The cast of Oddities and Oddities San Francisco are going to meet in person – true story! Here are some pictures of when the Executive Producer (Josh Berkley) and I went to Obscura and met everyone.

Something else cool that I learned by meeting the cast? What you see on TV is what you get in person – these people are really down to earth and fun. So next time you find yourself in the East Village or Haight-Ashbury, stop in and say hi. 
PS - there's a new season of Oddities starting this Saturday! Get a sneak peek below:
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