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27 Nov

Introducing Fringe Puppet Theatre!

Puppets500x313We here at Science love Fringe. We also love Red Vines (almost as much as Walter Bishop). So, of course, the next logical step was to merge the two -- and invite all of our Fringe fans to play along.

Introducing Red Vines' Fringe Puppet Theater: we give you the puppets, you grab some Red Vines from the grocery store and then you film your favorite scenes from Fringe. Then you send us a video link and we feature it on our Fringe on Science Channel Facebook page!


Before you get started, you should know we're working on our own video. Actually, we've enlisted the help of one of Fringe's biggest fans, Ian Larson, son of one of Science's employees. He spent all weekend cutting, pasting, and filming his favorite scene from Fringe, Season 1 -- it's the one where the bank robber gets stuck in a wall, dies, and then Walter cuts off his hand. These are photos his mom took of him hard at work.


We'll be featuring his video shortly, but also wanted to give YOU the chance to get in on the fun. You can download, print and cut your puppets from the large picture image below. Then, film away! We'll take all of the submissions (unless they contain foul or inappropriate language) and feature them on Facebook. So start puppeting NOW! 

When you're finished, tweet us a link to your video OR leave us a link in the comments may even receive a little somethin' somethin' from us as a "thank you" gift...hint, hint.

Here's the big image. Simply click the photo. It'll show up in a new window and you can print it for your puppting needs!


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