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10 Oct

An inSCIder Look at Master Control

Darren at work Have you ever wondered how your favorite Science show makes its way into your living room? Of course you haven't.  That's because Master Control's doing its job; making the television viewing experience seamless for you, the loyal SCIENCE viewer.

Sounds simple enough, but there are dozens of broadcast technicians and millions of dollars of equipment behind each show you see.  Over the next few weeks, you'll be getting an inSCIder look at what we do in Master Control, and on Friday, October 12, you'll get to know me and a few of my Master Control friends a whole lot better!

For now, check out these awesome pics (taken by Paul Roque), and see what it's like to work inside your T.V!

The Master Control Core
This is the programming logs are processed that tell us which shows are supposed to air at what time and which commercials to schedule during breaks. It's also where our supervisors sit!


View from the Captain's Seat
Here's a view from our supervisor's seat, looking into one of the programming control rooms (we call them "pods").


Inside a Control Pod
These control rooms, or pods, are where most of my coworkers and I sit to review everything one last time before it airs on your TV.


Don't forget to check back here on Friday for more about Master Control!


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