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6 Jul

Follow @ScienceAt San Diego Comic-Con, Win Cool Stuff!



 Next week is a big week for us here at Science. We're gearing up for San Diego Comic-Con where we'll have three (A-MAZING!) panels. That's right, we're celebrating 10 Years of Firefly, introducing you to Josh and Chuck of the famous "Stuff You Should Know" podcast AND bringing you Walter Bishop <ahem> we mean John Noble, host of "Dark Matters."

Since there's so much happening, we've created a new Twitter handle for you to follow: @ScienceAt. We'll be live-tweeting EVERY Science panel. We'll be giving away prizes, autographed swag and MORE. Don't worry if you can't be there in-person, we'll make sure you feel like you are!

If you are there in-person, be sure to tweet us and let us know! You never know what you might get for being an avid @ScienceAt follower...

So join us on our Comic-Con adventure. Follow us on @ScienceChannel for daily updates and @ScienceAt for minute-by-minute coverage. You never know <cough> Nathan Fillion? <cough> who we'll run into.

We've even made you this handy-dandy image (above) with all the hashtags you need to know.

Start following us now to see all the cool prep work -- and get InSCIder information as we prepare for one of the COOLEST and BIGGEST events of the year.


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