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14 Jun

Danger Designed for Niagara Falls

Nik Wallenda walks a tight rope in the BahamasFriday, June 15 will be just another day in the life of Nik Wallenda.  He will wake up, put on a weather resistant track suit and slip on suede and elk skin moccasins made specially for gripping the wire by his mother, Delilah, also a wire walker.  All this after weeks of training and carefully executed wire rigging on either side of Niagara Falls. 

In an internationally televised prime time event, Nik Wallenda will attempt the impossible.  He will walk on a tightrope wire 20 stories high over the mighty rushing waters of Niagara Falls, from Terrapin Point on the U.S. side, crossing over to Table Rock in Canada.

Although many have lost their lives throughout history attempting stunts at the famous waterfall, there’s no need to fear the same could happen to Wallenda.  For Friday’s stunt he will be hooked in with a safety tether just in case anything goes awry.

However in our Science original series, Danger by Design, Nik performs all stunts with no net and no safety harness.  In the series premiere episode on Monday night at 9, Nik gives us insight into what goes through his mind before he attempts one of his death defying feats, "I stare death in the eyes every time that I do a walk, every time that I do a stunt.  I have to mentally prepare for the fact that it could be my last day."

Nik cites his walk featured in Episode 4 of Danger by Design in Puerto Rico as the greatest stunt he has accomplished so far.  We’ll see if he can top it on Friday.  If he successfully crosses Niagara Falls, he’s got his sights set on the Grand Canyon as his next crowd-stunning act.  


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