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22 May

Video: SCIENCE Team Captures SpaceX Launch

SpaceX Launch May 22, 2012 CREDIT: Brad KohlensteinThis post was written by SCIENCE Senior Director of Development, Brad Kohlenstein.

So there are good days to work here at SCIENCE. And then there are days when you get to witness history. Today was one of those days!

We've been waiting patiently (well sort of) for our chance to capture SpaceX's mission to launch the first private spacecraft to dock with the International Space Station. After a few delays and one excruciating false start on Saturday, they did it!

A huge congratulations to the entire SpaceX team and to NASA who have been working towards this moment for years. It's a true game changer to be sure and puts us one step closer to the first private manned spacecraft. Your move Mr. Branson.

It was an honor just to be down here for then launch. It was electric. The rocket went up at 3:45am this morning. We got out to the site around 11pm the night before. That doesn't leave much time for sleeping and our road warrior crew has been down here for over a week waiting to get the shot. And man, did they get it!

There were a lot of folks covering the story. But I can safely say we had the coolest damn cameras out there, including the mother-of-all-lenses shooting from three miles away and another super high-speed camera capable of shooting up to 2,000 frames per second! The image in this post is just a little sample of what I got.

Congrats again SpaceX. Thanks for the show! If you're looking for volunteers for that first manned craft, your friends here at SCIENCE are ready, willing, and stocking up on astronaut ice cream.

Check out this video we captured from the launch site. Just incredible!

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