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5 Apr

Why Yes, That is the Real Science Team in the How It's Made Promo

Debbie Myers in the How It's Made Season 10 PromoSeveral members of the Science posse were willing to play along and are currently appearing in the new promo for How It's Made.

Sharp-eyed inSCIder readers may have already picked out the channel's GM, Debbie Myers, after seeing her answer your questions online a little while back. Well, now she and members of the marketing team, the programming group and even a couple of the network's editors are trying out their acting chops in the promo about the making of the promo for new episodes of the show.

Confused yet? Watch the video below to clear things up (and watch new episodes of How It's Made starting Thursday, April 19th at 9 cough cough). Enjoy. 

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